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Character's Name: Miara

Nicknames: Mia

Age: 121

Gender: Female

Species: Water nymph

Abilities: Not as strong as your average water nymph, and sometimes gets flack for that, but definitely knows her way around high magic. She's a gifted healer, and while she's shy, she's got a calming presence.

Appearance: [Image: FourMoonsWatching.png]

Personality: Gentle and quiet, Miara is a friendly face to travelers near Odslig Lake. She lives by her waterfall, which she calls the Starfall for reasons best known to her, a bit to the west of Sirithell. She's a devout worshiper of Nialle. Her little home, carved from the rock by wind and water and sheltered behind the Starfall, is open to any weary traveler seeking a place to rest, but she's the only long-term inhabitant and has grown a bit lonely over the years. The closest thing she has to friends are the mermaids in the lake, whom she chats with when she's foraging at the shores.

Roleplay Sample: 

Miara climbed the path to the Starfall with practiced ease, one hand on the railing she'd built from bits of wood and the other holding a basket of berries. She stepped through the gap between the rock and the falls, enjoying the mist spraying onto her hair.

Her three houseguests were sleeping soundly, and she took a moment to give them a fond smile. Noticing that one of the empty pallets was starting to wither, she made a mental note to collect more moss the next day, setting the basket down on its shelf. Moss-gathering would bring her down to the lake, she realized, and smiled at the thought of seeing the mermaids again.

For now, though, she was exhausted. She stepped through the curtain she'd hung to shelter her own little corner of the cave. Not much was back here, just her bedding and a little shrine to Nialle.

Miara stood for a moment before the shrine, giving thanks for her waterfall as she did every evening. Then all that was left to do was to step out of her sandals, change into a shift, blow out the lantern, and lay down...

The fur of Miara's blanket was soft, and the frame was piled high with moss and feathers. She couldn't possibly have been more comfortable.

Still, she was lonely, and that made it hard to sleep.

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Congratulations! Miara has been approved!

Her profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that she can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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