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[Image: dd787kf-4d042b23-77d9-4d01-a557-3a422cea...1VRX9G3-xU]

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Name: Jun 

Nickname: None

Age: 202

Gender: Male

Eastern Dragon

Appearance: Above as shown. Prefers the 2nd chibi attire.


Water Magic 

Earth Magic - This magic is very faint, a recently learnt magic for the dragon. The blossoms blooming on his antlers are a result of his practice, a subtle yet pleasant whiffing from him, known to soothe others. At the least, he had shown he infuse small withering plants with magics to allow them another chance of survival but not much before he is drained himself. 


Sociable - Always one to listen, the first one to interact when at a stalemate of first introductions. A kindly approach always make a great impression and he is the first to desire that. 

Reserved - Despite this, his social interactions are quite limited. He is stellar on one on one greetings. When more become a part of the group, he begans to shut himself away, shy, afraid of making an embarrassment of him with more people present. A gentle coax would be a good approach.


History: A young dragon finally on his own after years of sheltered seclusions. Yet he has not an inkling on what to do nor how this massive world will treat him. Eager but nervous, he sets out to learn more and grow for the trials ahead.

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Congratulations! Jun has been approved!

His profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that he can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3
I love his design I'm cry ;A;

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