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Quest Rules:
Hello and welcome to our quest board! Here you'll be taking on quests and having them in for rewards. There are a few rules before getting started:
  • Please roleplay out your quests in the appropriate part of the forum! For example quests being taken in Katakarthia will have their own thread in Katakarthia, etc.
  • Each quest has a certain number of times it can be done. This is to prevent farming of higher paying quests. Members caught breaking this rule will lose the ability to do quests.
  • Certain elements of quests will be determined by RNG, so different outcomes may happen for certain quests!

The Quest Board
A weathered old board rests outside the local tavern. Scraps and sheets of parchment are tacked hastily to the front, some covering the others, each a request for help with a promised reward.

You pull a job off the board and walk inside, waving the paper at the barkeep.

“So yer takin’ a job, eh? Sit down, have a pint, and I’ll give em’ a call an’ let em’ know yer here.”

West Sleibte Quests

Your Vitka is low, do you have any food? Or Manapots?

A flustered healer spots you in the crowd and hurries to meet you. “Alright-- I got my hands full, a whole class of magic users wore themselves to vitka exhaustion, and I’m low on supplies. I don’t dare leave them long while they’re in that state, but I know where to get the last thing I need.”

She pulls out a map, leading into a nearby forest. “There’s an elder manapot-- It’s right around there. If you could get me like--” she pauses, rummaging in her robes before pulling out a decent sized pot. “This much of it’s nectar, I’ll have more than enough to make medicine for them. Be careful, though-- It’s big enough to drain people if you slip in. Iiiii’d go with a friend.”

Quest: Gather the nectar of an elder manapot (preferably without dying)
Reward: 200 gp + 3 vikta regeneration potions
(This quest is available 2x per member)

The Rainbow Bouquet

A nervous dog kelahati pup sort of pitters in front of you, taking a deep breath before spilling "IneedyoutogetareallyniceboquetsoIcanpropose--" Another deep breath. "S-sorry, nerves. Uh. I'm planning to propose to my sweetheart-- and the tradition from my town is to give them a blue feather for a proposal, but I don't know a good place to get one, and then I did some reading-- Another tradition is the Rainbow Bouquet-- It's a bouquet using different elemental flowers!"

"So, uh-- I need..." They shuffle through their stuff before pulling out a list. "Burnweed, seawort, rockthorn, windroot, solaria, lunaria, shockbloom,  aaaand... a glass lily."

After listing them off, they clap their hands and bow deeply. "Please get them if you could! I've saved up all year to buy these, and I'd gladly give you every coin for that!"

Quest: Gather the elemental flowers for a beautiful bouquet
Reward: 300 gp + any extra flowers you gather
(This quest is available 2x per member)

Blood Drive
As you enter the tavern you can’t help but notice everyone staring at one particular patron. His pale skin and red eyes are a dead giveaway: the man is a vampire. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat, and looks almost shocked as you take a seat at his table. “A-are you here about the job listing?” When you nod he smiles brightly, showing off his sharp fangs. “Really? Really really? Oh thank you!” He shakes your hand with both of his.

“I’m organizing a blood drive! U-um, for vampires.” You think the young man might be blushing as he takes his hands back. “S-see, I believe that we can live in peace with, um, with the other races so long as we find volunteers to provide us with blood every fortnight or so.” He rubs his neck. “Um, I already have a glass lily to keep the blood fresh, but I’ve been, um, running into some trouble finding volunteers for the actual, um, donation part?”

You raise your eyebrows; it’s pretty obvious to you why people would be skeptical of this job.

The vampire continues, “We just need a little blood. U-um, we’ll be collecting the blood using a local doctor. Just a little cut from a knife so we can collect the blood in a vial and you’ll be good to go!” His smile is genuine, and you can tell he’s trying to make a difference for his fellow vampires. “And if you could maybe bring some friends, we’d really appreciate it…”

Quest: Attend a vampire blood drive
Reward: Knowing you’ve done something out of the goodness of your heart. Oh, and pastries.
(This quest has unlimited availability)

East Sleibte Quests

Monster Hunter #1: The Sand Wyrm

A dwarf clad in armor that looked to be made of... Dragon scales? Is that ethical? putting aside the moral quandary, he flags you over. "Now, you look like a strappin' young adventurer. The kind that seeks challenges-- for glory and the thrill of the hunt." He thumps his own chest, beaming at you. "Jus' so happens I have a few tasks sent to me that I wouldn' mind passin' along. And--" He put a hand up to stop a quick protest. "You'd be gettin' 100% of the reward, too, so no fears on that.”

"Here's a mark for yeh." He slips you a piece of paper, with a crude drawing of a slender, long beast. "A sand wyrm! 'Course, they're not actually wyrms. but 'sand lizard' didn't have the same ring." He lets out a belly laugh at his own joke, before wiping away a tear.

"Ah... Anyway, this beastie's been terrorizin’ a village in the dunes-- and they're runnin' short on the incense they use. Put out a request to hunt the beastie-- an' I figure you'd be good to try it.”

Quest: Slay a sand wyrm
Reward: 500 gp
(This quest is available 1x per member)

Monster Hunter #2: The Slaughterfish

That same dwarf-- does he move? He beckons you over. “‘Eyyy, ‘venturer! Got you another mark if you so choose! Hope you’re not afraid to get wet!” Another chortle at his own joke, before he cleared his throat and handed you another rolled up paper.

This one was a crude drawing of a fish, with what appeared to be-- a cow? Maybe? In its mouth. “Slaughterfish! Nasty things with teeth sharper than knives. I’ve seen an older one of these tear up a boat like a dwarf knockin’ back a flagon of ale. Eat anything they can, which is why it’s bad news for a fishin’ village to have one in the area.”

A gentle wipe of his nose through his thick bushy beard, before he continues. “Which is bad luck for this fishin’ village in particular. One of these nasties has set up camp just upstream of this village, and is eatin’ up most of their livelihood. So yer bein’ tasked with stopin’ it.” He paused, scratching his chin. “An’ while yer there, could ye cut me a fillet? I’ve been curious how they taste.”

Quest: Slay the troublesome slaughterfish
Reward: 400 gp + slaughterfish filets
(This quest is available 1x per member)

You Need What from Where?
A woman wearing glasses and... goggles over those? sits at a table near the fireplace as she waits for you. On the table is a large stack of books, but she gestures to the parchment rolled out in front of her and says, “I need burnweed, and lots of it.” She adjusts the goggles on her face before continuing. “I’m researching the mythical dragon under Lake Vrocheros, so as you can imagine I’m a very busy woman. And since I’m so busy I can’t traipse about the continent gathering the materials I need.”

She gestures to the parchment in front of her, which is a map of East Sleibte with a few things scrawled over it. Her finger rests on the city of Ecuru, and she speaks matter of factly, “I’ve got a shipment of nixie essence waiting for me there, so if you’d be a dear and pick it up for me that’d be great.” Her finger slides up to the Eye of Jackroth.

“And I need a lot of burnweed from the volcanoes. No other will do, it has to be from here. I need burnsap that combusts straight from the leaf.” She finally notices your look of horror. “Oh you’ll be adequately compensated.”

Quest: Pick of a shipment of nixie essence in Ecuru, gather some volcanic burnweed, and deliver it back to to the researcher
Reward: 800 gp + ???
(This quest is available 1x per member)

Xira Quests

Monster Hunter #3: The Akhlut
The dwarf… again. Does he ever take on any of the jobs he’s been assigned, you wonder? Either way you sit and hear him about about the next job over a pint. You watch him down the entire thing in one gulp, foam clinging to his thick mustache, and he slams down his tankard before saying, “Got a job fer ya in Xira this time, friend!” He pulls out a scrap of parchment with a crude drawing of something that looks like a four-legged orca? What even is that thing?

He seems to understand your look of confusion and gives a hearty laugh. “That there’s a beastie called an akhlut. Nasty critters usually stay up north, but we got a small pod of ‘em stalkin’ the Asan Delta, and they been preyin’ on the people who make their livin’ there.” The dwarf gives a sagely nod as he strokes his beard. “So the whole pod’s gotta go. They’re stubborn beasts, they are, so yer probably gonna have to kill the whole lot of ‘em.”

Quest: Slay the pod of akhlut stalking the Asan Delta
Reward: 700 gp
(This quest is available 1x per member)

Confiscating Contraband
A shifty looking character sits in the shadowy corner of a tavern, their face obscured. After looking around for the person you’re supposed to meet, and having little luck, you realize that this is the person who posted the job listing. Joining them at the table they lean in close, their features obscured by a hooded cloak.

“I need you to infiltrate the Prerio city guard and steal back some contraband for me,” they say, in a voice that sounds neither feminine or masculine. They slide a folded piece of parchment into your hand, and in fact you’re not quite sure when they even did that. As you unfold the parchment you notice it’s a guard schedule, along with the names and description of every guard employed by the city. You’d be impressed if you weren’t so scared.

“Can we count on you?” You nod in response. “Good. Deliver the goods to the spot designated on the map. If you get caught, you were never here.” They get up and walk away, blending into the crowd until they vanish.

Quest: Reclaim confiscated contraband and deliver it to the drop off location
Reward: 600 gp
(This quest is available 1x per member)

Armed to the Teeth
The barkeep directed you to the outskirts of Malseka. You see a large caravan preparing to leave, with orders being said by a man you can only assume to be the one in charge. He notices your approach and turns to you with a scrupulous stare. He gives an approving nod and says, “You look like you know your way around a skirmish. Good, I like that.” He directs another merchant to her place in the caravan. “Name’s Juin Ha, I’m the head of this caravan and the man in charge of security.” You can’t help but notice that he looks the part.

“Now, I need to get all these people to Seliel and back in one piece, and our biggest threat are those bastards who lurk in the Cutpurse Plains.” He thrusts a thumb over his shoulder in gesture to the grassland behind him. “That’s where you come in. You’re gonna be part of our security detail. Scouting, fighting, keeping watch--that’s your job. You do it well, I’ll hire you for the return trip. I’ll even throw in a bonus for any bandits you kill along the way.”

A brief pause.

“You’ve got an hour to get what you need. Meet back here by then or we’re leaving without you.”

Quest: Escort the caravan from Kalseka to Seliel through the Cutpurse Plains
Reward: 800 gp + a bonus for any bandits killed en route
(This quest is available 1x per member)

Katakarthia Quests

Gathering Gachapods

A bespectacled elf regards you with a look not too unlike someone would regard a well-meaning but ultimately simple farm animal. "... You'll do." He says simply, before handing you a bag. "The gachapod tree we have cultivated is ready for harvesting. However, we're shorthanded on people for cultivating it." He hands you a pair of gloves. "Do not open them yourself. You're likely to get yourself blown up, and we will not be covering any damages to yourself or your property-- and we will be fining you for damages to our property."

A long, cold stare.

"When you are finished, you are to hand the gatchapods to the researcher on hand-- and only them, do you understand?"

Quest: Harvest the gachapod pods and hand them to the attending researcher
Reward: 400 gp + empty pods
(This quest is available 1x per member)

Would You Like to Join Us for Dinner?
You stand in front of a beautiful manor, parchment in hand. This request seems fairly straightforward: attend Lord Macinae’s dinner party and entertain his guests with tales of your travels. And come on, how often do you get to eat the finest dishes the land can offer?

Quest: Enjoy the party and entertain the guests
Reward: All the fancy food you can eat!
(This quest is available 1x per member)

It’s A Jungle Out There
You meet your client just outside of Ancestra Village; a tiny faerie with pale pink skin and wings like lilies waves you over. “I’m so glad you accepted my request!” she says, fluttering around you excitedly. “I’ve always longed to see the world, but we fairies are so little that it’s super dangerous for us. So I want you to take me around Katakarthia so I can see as many things as I can!” Her aura is sparkling. Literally. There’s glitter on your shoulders.

“I’m meeting up with a seedling friend at Plenty Castle, so that’s our final destination,” she says, taking a seat on your shoulder. “So shall we be off?”

Quest: Escort Fi through Katakarthia to Plenty Castle
Reward: 900 gp + an Allagi fragment
(This quest is available 1x per member)

Prasinos Quests

Here There Be Lions
You’re beginning to regret having accepted that quest in Seliel City. Sure they pay sounded good at the time, and sure being on a ship with a bunch of merchants sounded fun, but now on Prasinos? You’re having second thoughts. But you can’t exactly back out now, being halfway to Katakarthia, and you’re pretty sure the captain would leave you in the Niabi River System if you backed out now…

The captain pats you on the back with a heavy hand. “Welp,” she says cooly, a harpoon gun slung over one shoulder, “You ready to help us resupply on lion turf?” There’s a glint in her eyes, and you wonder how you missed the jagged claw-like scar on her chest…

“If you see a lion, I recommend aiming to kill,” she says, and you can’t for the life of yourself wonder why you agreed to this.

Quest: Gather supplies for the second leg of your voyage in lion territory
Reward: 1,300 gp
(This quest is available 1x per member)

Eggs Over-Easy
You were sent to Prasinos by a wealthy looking man; said he was Suhnad Sesser from the Royal Gryphon Riders Academy. He needs some new gryphons for breeding stock, and around this time of year he sends an emissary to the Rethaef Islands and Rotha Hills to recruit some new blood. Gryphons receive room and board, the same rights as humanoid species, and of course the freedom to come and go as they please.

All you have to do is bring the gryphons back and receive your reward! As a bonus, bringing back eggs will net you fifty gp per egg.

Quest: Recruit gryphons on behalf of Suhnad Cesser, and eggs grant you a bonus.
Reward: 700 gp + 50 gp for each egg
(This quest is available 1x per member)

Eggs Over-Hard
You met a man in a shady tavern, seeking more information on his vaguely worded job listing. You didn’t exactly get the most trustworthy vibe from the guy, but he paid you half up front and, well, you can’t exactly say no to that.

He wants gryphon eggs. At least ten of them. Bonus gold if you manage to snag a royal egg and make it out alive. You have no idea what he wants them for, but you already took the job, and you get the distinct feeling it’s in your best interest to finish it…

Quest: Get some gryphon eggs by whatever means necessary
Reward: 1,500 gp up front, 1,500 upon delivery + 1,000 gp if you manage to deliver a royal gryphon egg
(This quest is available 1x per member)

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