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Condor Kelahati | War Demon

Possession - The most dangerous thing about Cynth is his ability to possess others. This is done through the four eyes of his skull mask, and it's hard to tell if Cynth's actions are his own or that of the mask he wears. In order to possess someone, Cynth (and his mask) must make direct eye contact with whatever he wishes to possess. This sends them both into a kind of trance, where he must then overpower their will in order to take control of their thoughts and actions. A more direct method would be to simply place the skull mask on the head of whomever he'd like to possess, though Cynth is very hesitant about doing this...

Withdrawl - If separated from his mask Cynth begins to suffer from withdrawl. He gets frequent headaches, and they can get so bad he becomes unable to function.

Flight - Cynth is able to manifest the wings of his condor form in his human form, allowing him to fly for long distances.

Wild Magic - Like all kelahati, Cynth is able to communicate with animals (though he has an easier time understanding birds), and is very attuned to the world around him. This extends to his ability to survive in almost any environment. He has a great knowledge of plants and geography, which is surprising to many people because Cynth generally speaks like an uneducated fuck.

Cynth's personality is a little hard to pin down, thanks in part to his mask, but the core traits displayed by him are:

Friendly - Cynth is always happy to meet new people, and while this is always tinged by some degree of anxiety in part of his mask, that doesn't stop him from seeking out new people to have a chat with. He's got loads of stories from his travels, though he'll avoid questions about his mask with misdirection. He's the type of guy who'll sit down next to a stranger and start a conversation, or go out of his way to make someone smile. Few people have anything bad to say about this social butterfly.

Simple - For lack of a better term, Cynth is simple. He's not the brightest crayon in the box. Not to say he's stupid, but he lacks basic book learning. He prefers the small things in life; the often overlooked moments like a sunrise, or the first walk through morning dew. While he doesn't think books are bad, he just doesn't understand the need to learn things he doesn't need to know. Ignorance is bliss, and all that. He is, however, very knowledgeable about the wilds. Tracking, fishing, trapping, you name it, he's good at it. He can tell you twenty ways to tie a knot, but ask him to read and he'll just laugh awkwardly and say "I never learned how to read."

Earnest - Whatever Cynth does, he does it with his whole heart. Half ass nothing, whole ass everything. It's one of his finer points; he'll follow his convictions through to the end, and is very, very dependable as a result. So long as the mask doesn't get in the way.

Air-headed - While many would find aloof a better term, Cynth isn't nearly cold or distant enough. He's usually in his own little world, spacing about about something or another, and can come across as being more clumsy than he really is. He can be a bit hard to read at times, with his vacant stares into the distance as he contemplates the complexities of absolutely nothing. This can lead him to saying some incredibly profound things, until you remember he's a bit of a moron.

The core traits displayed by the mask are:

Sadistic - The mask enjoys tormenting people in any way possible. When under its influence Cynth has no issue with slowly gutting a person until their organs are on full display while making sure they stay alive to feel each agonizing cut. He enjoys hurting people, and feeds off their fear and despair. He's totally gross and would lick the blood off a knife, too. Disgusting little man.

Calculating - If life is a game, the mask fancies itself as the master of ceremonies. It wants Cynth to direct everyone where they need to be for the ultimate show of chaos and destruction. There's nothing more satisfying that to set the dominoes up and watch them fall. It tries to be three steps ahead of everyone around it, and is eerily good at it.

Manipulative - Tying into the above, the mask uses Cynth's silver tongue and friendly nature to its advantage. Rumors are the best tool for sowing distrust among others, and well placed lies give his a strategic edge. Most dn't even realize they're caught in his web until it's too late, and the damage has been done.


Cynth was born in the rocky cliffs of the Naminoishi Mountains near Redstone Keep. His life was full of fun and adventure, and many of his friends would fly down to the shores in search of trinkets to bring home. Cynth would tag along, and one day when he was still a teenager he stumbled across something buried in the sand. It seemed to call out to him, beating in time with his own heart, and against all better judgement the curious young man picked it up. There he was met with a pair of four green eyes, and he was compelled to put the mask on.

From then on he began to hear whispers; little inklings of suggestions here and there, and life without the mask on became unbearable. So he put it on a headband and wore it everywhere, soon becoming horrified by what he was experiencing. As days passed Cynth began to feel less and less like himself, and so he left home to wander the wilds, afraid of what he might do to others.

He's afraid of how many people he's hurt or killed; there are many periods of time he cannot remember, and he becomes more and more frightened of himself each day.

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