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Shadows of War

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Diaval was right in his caution, but when did things ever go completely smoothy? Maybe it would be quite a few years that actual peace among both sides were reached; but what was the point of not taking the lead in it? They could all grow and prosper together, rather than suffering of their own because of the war. So she felt no ill will towards him. Mileani and Locke though? Their words just seemed to harbor nothing but hate, causing her delicate features to turn into a grimace of the sorts.

What would they care of any peace among the two species? Her own son came in ,not only covered in the blood of demons, he was also armed. ARMED! At a peaceful meeting among the Royals. She might have spoken up again the two, if not for Eros and Abraham. Their words calmed her as much as they could, all around an understanding of what was needed to be done. She was for this, she was MORE than for ending the dumb war.

"I don't even think my own parents knew why we are all fighting this war," the girl spoke up to the others, "so why keep fighting it? It's fruitless, is it not? What exactly are any of us gaining? We are loosing more than ever. Lives most of all really."

Calista bit the inside of her cheek for a moment, eyes looking towards everyone that either sat, or stood around the table. Slowly now, her small body rose up from the chair; only to stand on it as making a statement towards the others. "I know I don't want to become a casualty of war, just as my parents were," her voice was a little louder, though it kept it's soft touch, "I want us all to come together as both friends and allies, not blood hungry enemies!"

"Aye, I am more than ready to help initiate peace with the opposing side," she sent a glace towards Mileani and her son, "even if some of us just enjoy the war it their own pleasures. We will no doubt see opposition on both ends, but what's the point of a good thing without a few obstacles? Without resistance? We'll need to work harder than ever for this, and I hope those who don't want it... can at least think upon it."

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