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Shadows of War

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The slender angel listened to the commotions as each of the royals continued with their idle chatter. That is, until a darkness he only felt when in the presence of demons took over the room. How could a demon of all creatures be at a place known for purity and tranquility? Sure, it was as if the sheep were calling the kettle black, but it wasn't as if the other lords could sense the demonic blood that mingled with the angelic. Before he could say a thing or either of his guards could move to attack, a more common face appeared, setting the small trio at ease; well as much as they could be considering their latest guest.

"Could you be anymore dramatic Mileani? What am I saying." He already knew the answer. Diaval rolled his eyes as he took to a chair with a glass of wine held casually in his hand, given by the other royal's attendant. She really had gone above and beyond. The royal took note to thank her later before departing for the evening. The wine slowly licked at the edge of his lips as the male took a sip, listening to the Love royal's proposal. He nearly spit out the very wine he was trying to enjoy. Try to end the war? Had they gone mad? Sure, an end to the war would make his life so much easier, considering he wouldn't have to hide half his life, but there were too many pieces in this game for it to go over smoothly.

The angel placed his glass down and stood up once more. "This isn't the first time something like this has been proposed and it certainly won't be the last," he started. "This war has been engrained into our blood whether we like it or not. Even if we all agree to end it, there is still the matter of the demons. Are we so sure they are willing to give up so easily as well?" Famine may be willing to give up but the other kingdoms... Given what each of them stood for, the answer was most likely no. "I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but we need to go over the logistics. If both angel and demon monarchs agree, we still need to convince the masses and that could take centuries in and of itself."

The war wasn't easy, but neither would be giving it up. Could both sides really stop? If so, will their governing territories be as willing as their monarchs are?

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