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Shadows of War

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As the remaining royals filed into the room, Abraham found himself growing more uneasy, and not only because the Lady of Light had brought her blood-soaked son to a formal meeting. Nobody actually liked to discuss matters such as these, least of all Abraham, and everyone was eager to get on with things. The war was something he had done everything he could to avoid whenever possible, even if it meant looking too weak or passive.

So, when Eros suggested peace talks, the Lord of Faith was pleasantly surprised.

"I agree with Lord Eros," chimed Abraham. "That this war is older than I am is harrowing. I doubt there are very many creatures who have ever known a world without the war."

He rubbed his temple as he spoke, trying to find his words. What more could he offer here? It was useless to ask for peace without a strategy or even an idea of how to begin. Would demons even be receptive of such talks? Angels and demons were, technically, two sides of the same coin, but that also meant they were opposites. Would they be willing to embrace the differences? Would angels? Abraham glanced at Locke. What kind of common ground did they have?

"We would need to frame discussions in a way that would most appeal to them, but I don't know much of the current demon monarchs. I do know many have thrived in war and welcomed it, but others still care more for the well-being of their people. People who would likely find more progress in peace, when resources aren't being prioritized for fighting." Abraham was mostly thinking aloud at this point, but they had to start somewhere. "The same is true of us. Would anyone disagree?"

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