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Shadows of War

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Eros watched as the others lords began to slowly trickle in, and his eyes were particularly drawn to the look Abraham gave Zacrae. The young lord leaned forward in his chair, chin resting on laced fingers, his eyes wide as they darted back and forth between the pair as the woman dutifully filled a glass and set some papers down before him, a look so tender on her face it nearly brought him to tears.


Oh they were in love!

He quickly righted himself before he could be caught staring at the pair like a lovesick dog, though he couldn't contain the dreamy sigh that had escaped his lips. To confirm his suspicions he flipped the heart-shaped glasses over his eyes and, through their pink-tinted lenses saw that the two were in fact bound together by a red string of love. Neither seemed to know it, though. Oh, to play matchmaker for such new love!

Eros was about to speak up when the Life queen entered, just as cute as ever. She was shortly followed by Diaval, who Eros had never met before, and then...

Then it was like a dark cloud shrouded the room as the elder son of light walked in. He was a twisted abomination of a thing, and Eros had to restrain himself from reflexively making a ward against evil. Why was he here? He was a royal, true, but he'd eaten the tainted fruit of temptation and crossed over to the other side... it was baffling to him why the queen thought such a thing would be wise. And he was dripping blood everywhere from those weapons of his--were weapons even allowed in the shrine? The lord of love's face wore an uncharacteristic frown, but it wasn't he who spoke up, but rather Abraham's dutiful assistant.

Zacrae had been flitting about the room filling each royal's glass, but her piercing blue eyes narrowed as Locke strode in with his bloodied weapon.

"My Lord," she said softly, leaning over his shoulder to speak low into his ear. "This is a place of neutrality. I request that you please leave your weapons at the door." While she spoke in a tone like a delicate glass flower there was an edge of an order to her words, and a hint of a scolding growl. While it was unusual for an angel of her station to speak in such a manner to a royal, Zacrae had the age and respect for the Goddess to not see her temple sullied. And the poor acolytes who worked to clean the floors certainly deserved better than to clean blood of the mirror polished floor because of an arrogant lord...

She straightened her posture, nose crinkling from the scent of blood--demon blood--and she set about pouring a glass for Locke and his mother. With refreshments poured, Zacrae stood behind Abraham, hands clasped behind her back. If she felt unease at the blood of her kin being split, she didn't show it.

"Well if you insist, Lady Mileani," Eros said with a shrug.

"I propose that we consider peace talks with the demons." He leaned forward again in his chair, elbows propped on the table as he rested his chin on his hands. "This war has gone on long enough. It's cost us all friends, family, subjects--" A look of sorrow fell over his face. His own parents had been taken by the war, catapulting him to his status as King too early. "--on both sides." He made sure to stress the word.

"Why continue to fight a fruitless war when we could help each other prosper?" Eros leaned back in his chair, arms wide in a large shrug. "We're two sides of the same coin, after all."

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