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Shadows of War

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Yet another meeting in the life of a royal. The Liberty royal looked to his loyal guard, ready to embark to wherever the King had to go. He looked to his other side to see a kirkasta waiting diligently for her master to make a move. One and one. It was his preferred method of travel even when it came to seeing other royals. One could argue especially when seeing other royals, but they were no demons. There was a least a little civility to them. Soon enough, the small entourage left for Hailea's Shrine.

Upon arrival, he could sense a few of the other royals who had made their way to the shrine. It seemed as if each had an escort of some sort just as he had. The angel gave a nod to his party, letting them know to stay within distance but to relax a bit more. Dressed in near silk-like white material with a lavender shine draped over his slender figure, the Lord made his presence known to the other royals. The fabric draped over his body as if it were a loosely fitted dress with a longer train behind him. His long white hair flowed lightly behind him as he walked; landing gently beside his pale figure as he stopped to greet the other angels.

"Lord Eros, Lord Abraham, Lord Calista.. A pleasure as always," he stated as he looked around the shrine room to see if he missed any of the other royals. Oh interesting to see how each of the royals decided to dress. Some more decadent than others, but it wasn't as if he had much room to speak himself. What he wore was on the more casual side, though one could argue it was more high class based on the appearance of the material. It wasn't as if he cared. They weren't here to talk fashion.

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