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Shadows of War

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Players involved: Achera, Kila, King Fury, KokoPuffs, Sparx
Characters involved: Abraham (Sparx), Calista (KokoPuffs), Diaval (Achera), Eros (Kila), Milaeni (King Fury), Zacrae (Kila)
Setting: Haliea's Shrine, Light Territory
Time: Midday
Weather: Partly sunny, with a beautiful summer breeze

The young king of the love angels entered the observatory and removed the heart-shaped glasses he wore purely for aesthetic reasons so he could take a look around. In the bright midday sun the dark blue floors of the shrine positively gleamed in the light. The high noon sun really brought out the constellation-like flecks in the floor, and Eros couldn't help but admire how the whole thing had been polished to a near mirror shine. It was so reflective the young angel couldn't help but take a peek at himself, and with a pop of his collar and final placement of his glasses atop his head, he was looking... Well, he was looking like he was completely under dressed for the occasion. His grey v-neck was half tucked in, and he wasn't sure if he should leave it that way, tuck it in, or untuck it.

It was at times like this that Eros wished he had an assistant to tell him what looked good and what didn't as he stood there meddling with his shirt in the foyer of the observatory like a damn fool. "Nnnnnngh what am I suppoed to do?" He groaned, running both hands through his two-toned hair.

"Might I recommend a french tuck?" said a feminine voice behind him, soft as a whispering breeze. Eros turned and looked upon the fairest woman he had ever seen. Her skin was so pale it was almost white, and her equally white hair fell in loose waves over her shoulders and down her back. She was even dressed in a gauzy, lace-trimmed white gown that trailed after her like she'd walked straight out of a painting. Her blue eyes bored into his as she waited almost too patiently for an answer.

"I'm sorry, a... a what?" was all he could manage to sputter out, taken aback by this woman's glittering aura.

"May I, Lord Eros?" she asked, gesturing to his shirt.

"Uh, sure? But how do you--"

"I'm Lord Abraham's personal assistant, Zacrae," she replied coolly, tucking in just the front of his shirt before straightening out his collar and stepping back to take a final approving look. "Much more respectable," she said with a nod.

Eros took a look in the polished floor and gave an agreeing nod. "Not bad," he muttered to himself before looking at Zacrae once again. "Very dutiful of you to come before Abe to make sure everything's, uh, right and stuff?"

"I'm here to make sure things are ready for the meeting, yes. Lord Abraham likes things to go smoothly, so I came early to arrange refreshments for the lords and ladies," she said with a chuckle.

"Need some help?"

"I'd love some, thank you."


Before long the pair had filled the meeting room with chocolate pastries and glasses of refreshing lemonades. Zacrae had insisted he take a seat before the other lords arrived, and the pale angel had resumed her role as dutiful servant, waiting behind Abraham's chair for her lord to arrive, eagerly looking at the door with gentle eyes.

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The well-aged king of the faith angels was more than capable of handling himself, but as Abraham prepared for the upcoming meeting, he felt that he was missing something. His assistant, Zacrae, had gone ahead of him to ensure the shrine was prepared for its important guests. So, he was on his own for a few hours, which wasn’t something he was unaccustomed to... but he did like the frequent company.

Once ready, Abraham still appeared more unassuming than one might expect of a high royal. He wore plain white robes with some gold trim, no special decorations. His short white hair and beard were neatly combed in a simple style. To anyone who didn’t know him, Abraham might be mistaken for a particularly old elf rather than a royal angel, but he preferred not to stand out.

Finally, the faith king stepped into the temple, ready to hear what the other angels had to say about the war. It was quiet- apparently he was still quite early. In the meeting room, there were only two other people. One was the young king of love, whom Abraham was not very well acquainted with, and the other was Zacrae, whom had clearly been hard at work to make sure the monarchs would be comfortable.

“Lord Eros,” Abraham greeted the love angel with a small bow. He then walked to his chair and gave Zacrae a slight but warm smile as he sat. “Thanks for setting up... Hopefully this won’t be too exciting.”

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A small angel let out a deep sigh, her eyes gazing over the building in front of her. She had prepared herself for this meeting after getting the invite here; a whole room was to be filled with each Royal from each house they represented. Perhaps that couldn't really be said as a room FULL, but either way it would be many with different thoughts and ideas. Coming to a conclusion they all agreed on would certainly be the hardest part.

Calista allowed her knightly escort to hang around the outside, she could surely handle herself inside with the rest. It wasn't long before she found her way through the doors, down the halls, and entering the room the meeting would be held in.

Her small feet clacked on the floor, her heeled boots resonating on the walls. There was no surprise there were others already, even if it was just two of them at this point. It was more than enough for the start, who knew how many others would show here. Somehow, the less people would be easier to speak up with.

"Evening," she spoke softly, giving a light bow towards both lords. Once done, she made her way to the table, finding herself a nice seat to set herself into; only to gently hoist her small body up into it. Looking towards the two, then down to herself, she certainly felt overdressed for this. Oh well, this wasn't a meeting of fashion, but more dire things.

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Yet another meeting in the life of a royal. The Liberty royal looked to his loyal guard, ready to embark to wherever the King had to go. He looked to his other side to see a kirkasta waiting diligently for her master to make a move. One and one. It was his preferred method of travel even when it came to seeing other royals. One could argue especially when seeing other royals, but they were no demons. There was a least a little civility to them. Soon enough, the small entourage left for Hailea's Shrine.

Upon arrival, he could sense a few of the other royals who had made their way to the shrine. It seemed as if each had an escort of some sort just as he had. The angel gave a nod to his party, letting them know to stay within distance but to relax a bit more. Dressed in near silk-like white material with a lavender shine draped over his slender figure, the Lord made his presence known to the other royals. The fabric draped over his body as if it were a loosely fitted dress with a longer train behind him. His long white hair flowed lightly behind him as he walked; landing gently beside his pale figure as he stopped to greet the other angels.

"Lord Eros, Lord Abraham, Lord Calista.. A pleasure as always," he stated as he looked around the shrine room to see if he missed any of the other royals. Oh interesting to see how each of the royals decided to dress. Some more decadent than others, but it wasn't as if he had much room to speak himself. What he wore was on the more casual side, though one could argue it was more high class based on the appearance of the material. It wasn't as if he cared. They weren't here to talk fashion.

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