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Shadows of War

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A small angel let out a deep sigh, her eyes gazing over the building in front of her. She had prepared herself for this meeting after getting the invite here; a whole room was to be filled with each Royal from each house they represented. Perhaps that couldn't really be said as a room FULL, but either way it would be many with different thoughts and ideas. Coming to a conclusion they all agreed on would certainly be the hardest part.

Calista allowed her knightly escort to hang around the outside, she could surely handle herself inside with the rest. It wasn't long before she found her way through the doors, down the halls, and entering the room the meeting would be held in.

Her small feet clacked on the floor, her heeled boots resonating on the walls. There was no surprise there were others already, even if it was just two of them at this point. It was more than enough for the start, who knew how many others would show here. Somehow, the less people would be easier to speak up with.

"Evening," she spoke softly, giving a light bow towards both lords. Once done, she made her way to the table, finding herself a nice seat to set herself into; only to gently hoist her small body up into it. Looking towards the two, then down to herself, she certainly felt overdressed for this. Oh well, this wasn't a meeting of fashion, but more dire things.

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