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Shadows of War

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The well-aged king of the faith angels was more than capable of handling himself, but as Abraham prepared for the upcoming meeting, he felt that he was missing something. His assistant, Zacrae, had gone ahead of him to ensure the shrine was prepared for its important guests. So, he was on his own for a few hours, which wasn’t something he was unaccustomed to... but he did like the frequent company.

Once ready, Abraham still appeared more unassuming than one might expect of a high royal. He wore plain white robes with some gold trim, no special decorations. His short white hair and beard were neatly combed in a simple style. To anyone who didn’t know him, Abraham might be mistaken for a particularly old elf rather than a royal angel, but he preferred not to stand out.

Finally, the faith king stepped into the temple, ready to hear what the other angels had to say about the war. It was quiet- apparently he was still quite early. In the meeting room, there were only two other people. One was the young king of love, whom Abraham was not very well acquainted with, and the other was Zacrae, whom had clearly been hard at work to make sure the monarchs would be comfortable.

“Lord Eros,” Abraham greeted the love angel with a small bow. He then walked to his chair and gave Zacrae a slight but warm smile as he sat. “Thanks for setting up... Hopefully this won’t be too exciting.”

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