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Shadows of War

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Eros listened in silence with clasped hands and knit brows to Mileani’s speech. It was only right, after all, everyone else had listened to his impassioned words. And the more he listened, the more furious he became, not for what had happened to their Oracle, but for one thing the Queen of Light had said in particular.

Then your kingdoms can burn for it.

It was at those words that something within Eros had snapped. A dark cloud of rage fell upon him. How dare she? How dare she?

“I am truly sorry for what happened to your son,” he began flatly, his voice taught with restraint. “But what proof do you have that their Oracle was their? What proof do you have that any of the demon royals were involved? I may be young, but I’m not so foolish as to simply take your word for it. There are religious zealots on both sides, and you certainly sound like one of them. And why should what happened to one person, royal or not, be more important than the countless pointless deaths at the hands of this war. My own parents are dead. Lord Abraham’s parents are dead. Lady Calista’s parents are dead. If you ask me you’re lucky to have your son back and alive. Many of us in this room don’t have that blessing.” His words were cold, calculated daggers. The more he thought about her position, her accusations, realization washed over him, and the revelation changed his expression in real time.

He rose suddenly to his feet, nearly knocking his chair back, and rested his hands on the table. “If anything this is all the more reason to stop the war!” He exclaimed. “Can’t you see? These atrocities? We have the ability to bring them to an end, and if we continue down this path how many more will end up like our Oracle? How many more will die? Seeking peace is not a sign of weakness. It’s not letting the demons do as they please! Seeking peace requires more strength than continuing the slaughter.”

This time he turned to stare directly into the eyes of Mileani, his gaze fiery and full of resolve. “And if you think my kingdom will take your threat to leave us to burn lying down, you’re wrong. Threaten my people again and you will have more than just the demons to worry about. Though perhaps you should worry more about becoming the only kingdom left fighting a fruitless war. If you wish to continue this pointless fight, by all means do so on your own. I’m seeking peace; a future for my people.” His attention turned to the other Angel lords gathered, and with a deep breath and deeper resolve he said, “Will you stand with me?”

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