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[Image: ezra_by_nekonay_dd3w5ub-pre.png?token=ey...2dXE5EReFo]

Character Name: Ezra

Nickname: Currently goes under none.

Age: 58, just setting foot into young adulthood.

Gender: Male

Species: Kelahati


He possesses the uncanny wild magic known to their species, communicating his intentions and emotions to the local fauna. But it appears to be ableit weaker than the norm, only to affectively diffuse an unstable situation for a brief moment before both parties resume hostilities. He only managed to bond with a close animal companion, Rezul, an golden eagle, who accompanies him every step of the way. Ezra just managed the art of shapeshifting from their species, taking shape of a juvenile golden tiger. He doesn't seem to control this shape all too well, instincts overwhelming enough to take over so he prefers to his normal shape to keep a rigid control and discipline over himself. He himself has knowledge of medicine and weapons to defend himself if need be. When the gift of magic seems to elude him, he decided to pick such to remain on guard and sharp.

Appearance: Within the image above.


Ezra is an individual often described as being rough, hard to read. He speaks with a sort of authority, often use to getting his way, showing 'tough love' to those who disregard his words. Often wearing a stoic mask, its difficult to read what this young man is quite thinking. However he has shown some bit of empathy, willing to assist those in need... while rebuking you for possibly  placing yourself in a situation in thebfirst place.

He values strength above all else and he seems to appreciate a healthy dose of challenge every now and then. Impress him, he may be eager to speak more within your company, revealing bits and pieces of himself as time goes by. A hard shell individual with somewhat of a soft core.


His history will be revealed as more attempt to speak with him. However what needs to known is, he is now a nomadic individual, living off the land, traveling from place to place in search of something. His jewelry and spear signified he held some importance where he once dwelled. Perhaps this will help crack this elude shell of his.

Roleplay Sample:

The fox thought first to say nothing, suspicious of the musician's actions and appearance. He thought himself stealthy but apparently not. But not many ventured into night, knowing the dangers that lurked beneath the moon but he seemed to carry himself with the upmost confidence.

"So it may seem," came his smooth response, maintaining a good distance between him and the musician. There never could be enough caution and he trusted very few, even humans who displayed a much better keener sense than most. "I am not alarmed," he corrected with a snort. He was least of all threatening when compared to a being of his strength. "More so curious I suppose."

He busied himself with collecting the curious fish of the pond. They gave a small sensation of energy to touch, a small ripple of what he presumed to be her power. It was... hard to describe but despite his curiosity, his eyes never strayed from the musician.

A test was in order. "Perhaps this was a rumor. You know how tales go. Always changing."

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Congratulations! Ezra has been approved!

His profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that he can be added to the directory!

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