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Markell Dunebane

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Character's Name: Markell Dunebane
Age: 2000 before he died.
Gender: Male
Species: Sphinx

Abilities: Magitech: Markell specializes in the creation of metallic constructs animated by his magical energy. Typically, he will use gems as focusers, but otherwise he just manipulates the metals into the shapes he wants with magic and then gives them a facsimile of life.

Outside of his creations, Markell only really knows how to use basic light magic and lightning magic.

Appearance: A large sphinx with the body of a tiger, Markell stands at head height for most humans. He has blue face paint around his eyes, forming complex patterns with the natural black rings. His hair is long and black, flowing down his back. He wears a headdress that frames his face from the front, making his head appear even larger than it already is. A carefully groomed beard stretches from his chin, extending down to a point like his headdress.

His most notable feature, however, would be the pair of large, metallic wings that sprout from his back. The main line of the wings, which would be bone in a bird, are made of gold, while the 'feathers' are silver. The parts aren't actually connected, but stay in formation thanks to magical energies that dance between them constantly.

In human form, he still has black hair, but loses both the beard and the headdress, instead simply appearing as a normal man. His skin is a deep tan, the result of desert living, and he wears simple robes suited for the climate. He still has the wings.

Personality: A somewhat excitable creator, Markell is easily lost in his work. He can, and will, devolve into babbling descriptions of what he's working on, often in terms that only make sense to him. Other than that, he will try to be friendly, though he views himself as smarter than just about everyone, and has the ego to match.

History: During his life, he invented many magical tools. He hoped that these technologies would revolutionize the world after he died. He was very disappointed.

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Congratulations! Markell has been approved!

His profile will be moved to Character Profiles!
Please head on over to the Add Characters to the Guide thread so that he can be added to the directory!

Thank you and happy roleplaying <3

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