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Character's Name: Riath
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: War Demon
Relationships: Charlotte (Master), TBA

Necromancy - Riath can draw power from the deaths of creatures, using the power of the death to fuel spells. With this power she can heal or harm, though the stronger spells require a stronger creature's death. She can also reanimate dead bodies, though this doesn't require her to kill to cast.

Shapeshifting - Riath can turn into a raven and a cobra.

Riath is somewhat pale woman with long red hair that stretches to her hips. She has crimson eyes, matching the color of her hair. She stands at about 5'8, though often appears much larger due to the pair of black wings that sprout from her back. She doesn't always have these wings, but will often have them, only retracting them when they would be inconvenient. While they are not strong enough for flight, she can use them to glide.

Riath will typically wear plain, simple outfits designed for comfort and sturdiness, but will occasionally wear a crimson, somewhat revealing dress.

Despite what her abilities would suggest, Riath is quite possibly one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She does her best to keep her anger in check, and goes out of her way to try to help others around her. Though she has the strength and stamina typical of War demons, she lacks the mental state required to use them to fight. While not incapable of combat, she is not a warrior, and the idea of taking the life of anything sentient is almost incomprehensible to her.

She is polite, calm, and gentle whenever possible, and is the opposite of what one would expect from a war demon.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

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