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The Wolf Den

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So I have a lot of wolf designs I've made in the past, and none I really plan to continue using anymore? So I figure why not give them away here?

ALRIGHT so this is gonna be a comment to claim situation, because I just want them to go to people who will cherish them more than I will!
These are...all pretty basic maker designs, so I'll throw in a simple ref allowing for a bit more customization. These will be done on my free time, so be patient, please.
You can mold/adjust them to your needs!

The wolves:

[Image: fdR1bbR.png]
Name: Martika (Mar-tee-ka)
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Abilities: He can turn invisible! WOW.
Personality: Generally a sly guy, a good spy, has morals
Other: Sibling of Lunnyx; likes to joke about how she got all the good looks and magic

[Image: g7SXA1t.png]
Name: Lunnyx (Loo-nix)
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Abilities: Clairvoyance and scrying
Personality: Shy, reserved, quiet
Other: Sister to Martika; keeps him on the straight and narrow
Adopted by Achera!

[Image: PnJrhYM.png]
Name: Rannoch (Ran-knock)
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Abilities: None, makes up for this by being a physical heavyweight
Personality: Headstrong, a little reckless, self conscious about his tail and particularly fluffy buttcheeks

[Image: Ug6cweO.png]
Name: Hollysnap
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Abilities: She can shoot needles out of her fur! And for added fun her voice can be used as a weapon. Neat, huh?
Personality: Energetic, frisky, a little bit stupid, but well meaning
Other: Always looks covered in snow

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-quietly slips in and puts in request for Lunnyx before slipping out-

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She's marked as adopted ;o

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