We're undergoing a giant revamp! While things may be quiet and will take months of work, the site will be continuing under a sandbox until staff can roll out all the new changes. Join our Discord to catch some sneak peaks! (March 16, 2020)

Plot Highlights

The Angel Leaders are all meeting to discuss the war. Read about the outcome Here!
Zombies? Undead?! No! What are these things?! They look.... Alive?! HERE.
A third oracle has died! Aerithe, oracle of Zarkos, died publically in Prerio City square of what many believe to be suffocation. Read more about it HERE.
Oh no the queen! Head over to the Enkratis packlands to find out what happened HERE.
Disaster has struck at the Shrine of Jackroth! Find out what has happened to both oracle and God HERE.

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News and Updates

Hey guys it's been a while and a lot has happened since then. We are excited with the things we get to tell you about in this letter. 


This took rather a long time but we have a new guidebook! YESSS. Coded by our very own Achera. The site also has a new skin to match it so enjoy! The guidebook itself has taken a lot of lore and allowed it to be in one easily accessible location for everyone to use. We are currently working on a timeline for IC lore as well so people can reference large events from the past in their posts. 

We also have a legends section under works! Now this is a very particular section where every now and then staff will pull something someone wrote or even an idea from current lore and allow it to be made into a legend. We may even accept some that are submitted to us! This is a good way to just flex your writing skills if you just want a free write instead of a post.

God page is being redone. The current page style is still there but the info will be expanded upon in the coming month. Please be patient as we try to accommodate all the new art and lore for them we will have filtering in soon.   

SO BASICALLY GO- look around the pretty guidebook <3


Staff has been working on trying to bring what members would like to see most to the site. If you have any suggestions for a new species, a new item, or any other type of suggestion, feel free to post in SUGGESTIONS or message a staff member!


SITE ROLEPLAY IS CURRENTLY SUMMER! The month is Ganthor and the day is the 15th of 50 days in the month.

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