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Character's Name: Imran

Age: 62

Gender: Male

Species: Ruhk (Torden)

Strength: As a Torden, Imran is among the strongest of the Ruhk species. Bending steel is not a difficult task, and carrying an elephant in his talons is as easy to him as carrying a mouse might be to an owl. The strength of a Torden Ruhk is enough to rival or even overcome that of a western dragon, and Imran is no different.
Speed: Imran’s size makes him slower than other Ruhk, and less maneuverable in the air than his Hava cousins. Though able to keep pace with a western dragon, wyverns speed past him.
Storm Magic: Imran can summon storms with the beat of his wings, thunder, lightning, and a deluge of rain appearing in the vortices of air flung from the tips of his wings. Of course, Imran only creates storms when he uses his magic, and can fly without sowing thunder in his wake.

Appearance: Imran has the appearance of a huge Bateleur Eagle. Unlike a Bateleur, he has a wingspan of 58 feet. His beak and talons are a deep black, and the skin of his face is golden rather than red. Long spurs grow from the backs of his legs, and when he lifts the plumage of his crest, golden eyespots are revealed. Other than this his feathers remain the same as those of his smaller counterpart, with primarily black plumage marked by grey shoulders and a chestnut mantle. The underside of his wings is a startling white. Imran enjoys wearing masks.

Personality: caring | rash | materialistic | uninhibited | charming
Imran is a creature with a lot of emotions, and he wears all of them on his metaphorical sleeve. He has no inhibitions about saying exactly what he means all of the time, and this often gets him into trouble. Not that he minds trouble, of course. The Ruhk is large enough and strong enough that there are few things he considers worth fearing, and so he flies headfirst into danger more often than not.
A gentle giant who is surprisingly charming for being a giant bird, Imran gets along well with people of all species. Except perhaps dragons, but it isn’t for lack of trying. Unlike his kin, Imran doesn’t seek to eat dragons. But like his kin, he does consider it good sport to catch them, usually taking a scale or two for his troubles. Imran doesn’t mean any harm, but what he considers harm is probably a lot different than that of his victims. His love for shiny things tends to overwhelm his qualms about harming others. Imran would argue that the dragons are lucky he didn’t try and eat them, instead.

History: Imran had a very normal childhood for a Ruhk, learning to fly and hunt, and then flying and hunting. Now he lives as a traveling merchant, offering wares of rare pelts, bones, and other hunted curios.

Roleplay Sample: See my Hajra Myrahel application

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Profile.
Please post your character to the Add Characters to Guide thread to have your character added to the Character Directory.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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