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Villetta Anshelm

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Character's Name: Villetta Anshelm

Nicknames: Vill

Age: 33

Gender: Female

Species: human


[Image: MV5BMTM3OTUwMDYwNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTUy...17_AL_.jpg]
Fair skinned and lovely, Villetta's appearance is hardly what one would expect from a knight. Her body is slender and quite feminine - a delight for most of the men whose eyes pass over her. She likes it this way - it helps her to appear less threatening than the bulky men that she rides alongside of. Those who eventually challenge her come to find out that the beauty of her face is nothing but a facade harboring her secret strength and skill as a fighter. Her body is lean and muscular, but not in an unpleasing way. Her body is built for dexterity - not brute strength.

Villetta's face has striking features - blue eyes with a tint of gold that almost matches her hair, eye brows that are arched in a regal manner, a smile that could lighten the darkest of nights, and lips - those hell filled lips of plump pink flesh that she snags between her teeth as a nervous habit. Under her right eye is a circular birthmark - her parents claim that she was kissed by  a goddess while she was in the womb and the mark was from the goddess's lips touching the babe's skin. Villetta's hair is long and thick - she is often an envy for other females because of this quality, however, Villetta herself has been known to cut her hair short because she hates the care that her hair needs.

As a knight, she has the traditional ostentatious dress armor that was given to her upon her initiation into knighthood; however she feels that it is gaudy and unnecessary. Villetta prefers to keep her armor lightweight and flexible. She isn't a fighter who likes to charge into battle, preferring to find her mark and take it when the time is right. She wears light mail . It lingers down in a chainmail dress, tightened by a thick leather belt that secures an iron dagger and a steel short sword. A wood short bow can be found tucked away around a quiver of arrows on her back. Villetta does not use a shield; she finds them bulky and inhibiting. Steal spaulders are fastened under her mail, and dark brown leather boots cover her feet. Additionally, she carries a pair of leather gloves, but only wears them when the weather is cold or a conflict has been premeditated.
Villetta is not like the other women that she grew up with, nor is she like most other knights that she trained with.

Villetta is a woman of her own mind, and although she likes order, she embraces chaos the same. In her mind, following the law is one thing, but doing what is right is another in some instances.

Villetta is stubborn, hard-headed, and rarely sees her decisions as grey, instead of black and white. There is no middle ground with Villetta, and this can make her seem rather overbearing and sometimes pretentious. Villetta struggles with people seeing things differently than she does, just as she has a difficult time following orders to the letter. But Villetta is bright and she is very aware of how far she can push before she pushes too far. Villetta understands that there is a time and a place to be rebellious, and she will fall in line rather quickly if she realizes that she has stepped out of her bounds.

Villetta is decent at enforcing the law, but this does not stem from any kind of overarching power that she holds over the citizens of the land that she protects. Instead, her kindness and caring attitude charms many of the individuals in her locale, promising her trust for theirs. Villetta has a sea of patience that only runs out when she's been pushed too far over the edge. Villetta can tolerate a lot of ignorance, but there are certain things that will set her off quicker than others. Many individuals would rightly fear her wrath and Villetta can hold onto a grudge for far longer than anyone else you'd ever meet.

Villetta is a fun loving woman who values laughter in her life. She stays upbeat and promises a ray of sunshine to those in her party. She's empathetic and feeds off of the emotions of others. Villetta is the first to volunteer to help others and she's the last to sleep at night when she knows others are just as tired as she is. Villetta is a hard worker and when her mind is set upon a goal, you'd be wise to believe that she'll achieve it.

Money is not important to her, but a life full of adventure is the only one she's willing to live for. Villetta is somewhat of an adrenaline junkie and prefers the more harrowing missions to those that her superiors seem to think she's cut out for because she's a woman. Villetta has deemed herself a "spinster" because of her age and her occupation. This doesn't bother the blonde woman much, because she'd rather have a lifetime of adventures than a lifetime of taking care of children.

Other random personality attributes to know about Deryn include her inability to hold her alcohol. Villetta, when drunk, sings inappropriate tavern songs and displays her superb storytelling skills, much to the delight of those in her company. Villetta is also very superstitious.

Villetta Hollye Anshelm was born on a cool, spring night. Her mother would claim that she was her greatest gift; many of the local healers had expected the child to be born still. Villetta's parents had had a difficult time conceiving. Numerous miscarriages had depleted Villetta's mother's health, but Villetta did not grow up alone. Two twin boys became her brothers five years later. Her mother died as she had held them in her arms for the first and last time.

Villetta's father was not the same after her mother's death. The family had been tight-knit, but after her mother's passing, her father enlisted himself in a local militia, dying only a year into joining. Villetta was six years old at this point in her life; even to this day, the details of her parents passing are nothing but vague memories.

She grew up with her grandparents acting in the role of mother and father, although they made it a point that they were only her grandparents and not her actual parents. Her grandfather was adamant that each child in the Anshelm homestead knew who their parents were and how blessed they were to come from two incredible individuals. Villetta's parents were nothing notable - there was no noble blood that ran through the Anshelm veins. But they were respected in the community, educated well enough to read and write to a small degree, and they had made a living off of hard work and sweat.

Her grandfather was a well-known blacksmith and has acquired a small amount of wealth that allowed him to provide for Villetta and her brothers. He had made it possible for Villetta to have a season when she was a teenager. However, when it was discovered that Villetta had rough hands and preferred to get her knees dirty instead of letting a man woo her, no respectable family had offered to pair their son with a young woman like Villetta. This had hurt Villetta's pride and ego greatly, which prompted her to find an alternative means to bettering herself and showing that she was worthy of a second glance.

She was older when she joined the knighthood. The others that she had trained with were younger boys, mostly, and she stuck out like a sore thumb. But Villetta was a fierce woman with an agility that was rarely matched and that was what had gotten her into good graces with the knights to begin with - the day she outran three of them after spitting in their faces for cat calling her as she walked down a path to her home.

As a child, she had picked up on story telling from her grandfather. She idolized him and wanted to be a blacksmith just like him for the longest time. Instead, it would become her brothers that would take on the role of apprentices and Villetta was forced by her grandmother to turn into a proper lady - which, as was already stated, turned out to be a complete waste of time and money. But her grandfather's talents in story telling was not wasted on a young Villetta. Soon, she was well known for dramatic tales and was a delight for all that she traveled with.

As time passed, Villetta moved up in rank. She knew that her status within the knighthood would most likely be limited, especially because she was a female. The fact that she was allowed to join was a surprise to most, but she didn't disappoint and proved herself time and time again. Villetta is known within the knighthood for her extreme women's rights views, her lack of debutante finesse, and her raging superstitions. Her kindness is often shielded with a fiery ambition and a sense of adventure that seems to rub off onto others when she is near.

Roleplay Sample:
Glawrien adjusted her black hood, the damp weather made her glad she had decided to wear it, there were other reasons as well of course. She still felt out of place in her clothing a black shirt and pants along with black leather boots, chosen to allow her to blend in with the crowd. But, Glawrien was used to silks and jewelry. However, her simply braided hair and dark bruise decorating her left cheek, it was starting to swell and rather large taking up most of her face. She had other wounds as well but this one was most notice able upon casual inspection. She took a moment to steady herself before moving down the street, her hand resting on a wall as the world spun briefly, she was aware that was not a good thing, but not all together unheard of for some on with a blow to the head. Her ribs were aching as much her head, causing breathing to be as painful as thinking was at the moment.

She did her best to move down the street as a normal person might. She was fairly certain she wasn't being followed by this point, but she wasn't entirely sure.That fact along was what kept her moving forward. There something in her favor however, most people who were out at this time of night were more wrapped in in their own affairs and it was every easy to over a lone woman in the street. For most of them at least. She was also aware those who might notice her in the middle of the night might not have her best interests in mind. Not only that they might have followed her, she was the only one who made it out as far as she knew, she was counting on herself traveling faster than news did.

Glawrien's vision was starting to swim however, that and the nausea forming in the pit of her stomach told her she clearly needed to find a doctor/healer sooner rather than later. In some corner of her mind she hoped it was simply the lack of sleep getting to her and nothing more serious. She had fled head long for most of the night, and the lack of rest certainly wasn't going to work in her favor. Regardless of what it was that was effecting her, she stumbled for a moment before catching herself and moving forward. She didn't manage to get much further however, a life time with out much need for psychical strain was working against her, the world spun for the last time and Glawrien spilled ungracefully forward as her vision finally faded into nothing-ness.

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