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Character's Name: Caligula Fuscina Augusta

Nicknames: Cali

Age: 25 (Physical) / 4,813 (Total)

Gender: Female

Species: Human

[Image: inNZRxu.png]

"This wand is filled with your people's hopes, their dreams -- Don't let them down, Cali."

Hope is the name of the wand which Caligula's father, Tiberius, left to her upon his passing and serves as Caligula's main method of producing and casting magic as she is not well-versed on casting without a catalyst through which to channel her Vikta through. The wand itself is a painstakingly crafted piece which holds seven magical gemstones. One for each of the main elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Spirit) along with two additional gemstones for Darkness and Light, though these latter two elements can only be used when Caligula is in dire need or by utilizing an obscene amount of her own magical power to activate them and resulting in a great danger to herself in the process either way.

Hope Abilities:

A simple ability which most mages learn about during the early parts of their training, this allows for the user to:

- Light or snuff any flame up to the size of a campfire instantly.

- Clean or soil small amounts of material instantly.

- Heat, Chill, or Flavor any foodstuff for up to an hour.

- Make a color, a small mark, or a Symbol appear on an object or a surface for 1 hour.

- Create a nonmagical item or an illusory image that can fit in your hand and that lasts for six seconds.

Forget Me/Remember Me:
A minor mind-affecting spell, this requires for Caligula to channel a thought specifically about herself, or rather a lack thereof depending on her intention, into her wand and then cast this ability upon a target within sixty feet. The target affected will either be urged to come closer to Caligula or move away from her, depending on her choice.

She may also choose to cause the target to forget about memories involving Caligula within the last hour, or have false memories implanted within the same time frame.

Spirit Healing:
Utilizing the Spirit Gemstone on her wand, Caligula can heal a target of any minor wounds instantaneously and heal mortal wounds over the course of an hour, missing limbs can be reattached given the same hour timeframe during which she cannot be interrupted or the spell will fail. This can be cast on herself, but any time is doubled for mortal wounds and missing limbs.

This spell can also heal mental fatigue, fear effects, or other negative effects on the mind given a period of ten minutes per effect and when doing so also channels Vikta into the target, allowing them to be restored of any Abilities that they may not have had access to. This latter effect, however, requires the caster to be uninterrupted in order to bestow upon a target.

Freedom of the soul:
Channeling her Spirit Gemstone and pointing to a willing target with the end of her wand, Caligula may draw either a portion or the entirety of the Target's soul from their body, which takes the form of a small faerie in appearance and size and may also be seen by anyone regardless of Vikta attunement.

This faerie can either be allowed to roam freely or be placed within the wand in order to protect it from danger. If the soul is returned into its body within seven days, the target may resume control of their body normally as if nothing had happened. Otherwise, the target will require a new body or another vessel to control and their body is considered dead for all intents and purposes.

Hope Of A People:
Channeling a combination of Spirit and some Light magic from her wand, Caligula summons forth a swarm of butterflies which can target up to one-hundred willing individuals and inspire them with a powerful sense of hope and purpose, along with providing a lesser healing effect that staunches small wounds and repairs minor scratches.

While under the effect of this ability, a target is immune to fear and furthermore cannot be targeted by a mental ability that preys upon negative emotions -- though abilities that target positive emotions are instead doubled in power. This ability lasts for twenty-four hours, provided that they do not experience something that would drain them of their hope such as the death of a loved one or a mortal injury in which they believe they will not survive.

No More Bloodshed:
Calling upon the memories of those she lost while channeling both the Light and Spirit gemstones on her wand, Caligula hostile individuals within the range to lay down their weapons and to cease fighting while causing the following effects within a hundred foot radius:

- Weapons that are within their sheaths cannot be drawn unless the target is attacked or hostility is made clear toward them.

- Within the radius, no attacks or hostile abilities can be used unless provoked by another hostile attack either within our outside the barrier, however, only the amount of force necessary to defend oneself can be used and non-lethal attacks must be prioritized.

- Weapons that are currently drawn must be laid down at the affected's feet unless doing so would place them in direct danger.

These effects apply to anyone who enters the radius while the effect is ongoing, and anyone who leaves the radius will remain under the effect for ten minutes afterward.

No More Bloodshed lasts for an hour on crowds of up to a hundred individuals, and for half that time on larger crowds up to five-hundred and only for ten minutes on any crowd up to one thousand strong, whereupon the ability will have no effect.

If Caligula herself is harmed, she may choose to dispel or keep up the Ability, and disrupting her Vikta will immediately end the effects.

Pierce the Heavens:
One of Caligula's few offensive options, this ability requires her to channel all gemstones on her Wand save for Darkness and in doing so allows her to create a massive bow of magical energy which fires an equally massive arrow roughly the size of a baby dragon capable of tearing through mountains and of course -- Dragons themselves, moving at a speed that is almost too fast for the Human eye to see.

This ability, however, requires not only a great deal of effort but also requires a casting time of ten minutes uninterrupted in order to channel the Vika necessary and as such can be easily interrupted. This ability is also doubled in power against lesser divinities and Demons, though Demi-Gods and Gods are not affected by this.

Other Abilities:

Elemental Mastery:
Due mainly to her Wand, along with her Father's teaching, Caligula has an acute knowledge of all the basic Elements of magic and their usage. She may cast any spell using the elements that are moderate or minor in effect without preparation and with a casting time appropriate to the ability used. Larger abilities will always take at least a full minute of time and furthermore must be declared in their full effect and power before being used.

This only covers the basic Elements, and not hybrid elements or the Light and Darkness Elements.

Wandless Casting:
Because of her intense training and attunement to her own personal Vikta, Caligula can cast any minor or moderate spell without need for her Wand, however, the casting time for such spells will be doubled due to her lacking a proper catalyst and as such it is less than ideal for Caligula to use this ability unless absolutely necessary.

Hybrid Novice:
Caligula can perform basic Hybrid Element spells, such as combining two elements in a spell or manipulating two elements as one. These effects are minor, however, and cannot replicate moderate to high-level spells with areas of effect larger than ten meters or with powers greater than or equal to her basic elements powers.

[Image: EL3oDBv.png]

Caligula often chooses to wear long loose-fitting robes which conceal the bright flashy attire that she wore during her earlier years, yet she still wears her old clothing underneath as both a reminder of her old self and for the simple fact that it is what she feels the most comfortable in. She also may occasionally choose to disguise herself by changing the color of her hair, or by altering her physical appearance slightly so as to not stand out and risk that someone may recognize her.

During her early years throughout her adolescence, Caligula had always been an outgoing and bombastic personality who loved to make it known whenever she entered the room by performing a flourish with her magic or some other grand gesture that was sure to grab the attention of anyone that was not already looking at her. She loved to crack jokes and was considered an idealistic Mage who shied away from the stereotype of a reclusive hermit who did nothing but study their tomes and potions all day -- She had wanted to be something different, she wanted to be someone that anyone could look up to, Mage or not, and say that she was someone they wished to be.

Even her Father, who himself was known for magnanimous gestures and gentle personality was himself no match for the young Mage's spirit and often found himself shocked at the lengths that Caligula was willing to go to please others even when it meant draining herself physically and mentally throughout the day with grand displays of magic and constant attentiveness to each individual she came across in their personalities and in their struggles so that she could do her best to help them.

Even throughout the worry that encapsulated her last few years of life, she spent the majority of her time when not studying her tomes and attuning herself with the Vikta, instead, on reassuring the people of her village and tending to their needs when she could.

After the Catastrophy, as she refers to it, Caligula has become a much more subdued personality and rarely slips back into her old self except on the rare occasions she feels truly at-ease with herself and the world around her. She now chooses to isolate herself more from others and chooses to keep her identity secret from most individuals she comes across, worried that she may be associated with the Catastrophy which she feels responsible for causing.

Caligula was born in a simple village known as Herculaneum that was nestled beneath the snowy mountains of the Zarith Mountain Range in North-East Sleibte. The village served no significance to anyone but those who lived within it, mainly due to the fact it was located against inhospitable mountains and furthermore that it was almost hidden by the constant snowstorms that served as both a plague and a blessing to its inhabitants who wanted nothing more than to live their lives in peaceful solitude.

She was trained from a young age in the arts of Magecraft by her father, a wise man in his late seventies who went by the name of Tiberius and was known among their little village for being exceptionally skilled in an art that he felt not enough Humans had tried to partake in. She practiced day in and day out, honing her skill with the aide of her father's potions and magic catalysts in order to channel the magic that surrounded everyone and everything so that she may one day take his place as the village protector and Mage not if, but when, he passed away.

Throughout these early years, Caligula was ingrained with a deep devotion to her people and to the land that they lived in. She had always remained skeptical, however, of the Gods that her Father had introduced her to through Journals and through his own experiences. She had thought, since then, that while they had supposedly created the life around them and even the life within them -- they seemed to be aloof, even cold toward their creations whenever they expressed anything other than thoughtless worship which was something that did not sit well with the young mage during her adolescent years going into her early adulthood.

She put all of her thoughts, instead, into the study of magic with her Father and became adept at several of the base elements along with the Light Element when channeling spells through a catalyst, though at the time these spells were rather weak. Shortly after Caligula's twenty-third birthday, Tiberius passed away abruptly from what she had heard from the village healer was heart failure; though Caligula could not help but believe that it may have been at least partially a result in her shunning the Gods and refusing to worship them as many others in the village did - including her Father.

She had inherited her Father's position almost immediately, along with his wand: A self-crafted and meticulous work of magical glory that held magical gemstones for each of the main elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Spirit) along with two additional gemstones for Darkness and Light, though these latter two elements seem to remain mysteriously unusable unless Caligula herself is in great need. This wand, her Father had claimed, had also been blessed but he had not specified by whom or for what purpose -- all that she knew is that this catalyst was much more powerful than anything else she could have ever hoped of creating on her own, and she was going to use it to defend her people no matter what.

It was a year later when the Griffons had first been sighted and her people had become deathly worried about what would befall them if they were to be targeted by the new and odd beasts. Caligula immediately set upon developing a new spell with the help of her Father's old tomes along with her own knowledge of the elements and came upon a particular spell that her Father had notated within his dusty tomes but had explicitly warned against its usage due to the raw magical power it took from the user even with a catalyst but the fact that if the caster did not perform the spell with utter perfection -- disaster would be its only result.

Caligula was not daunted by this, however, and spent the entirety of the year preparing and practicing the incantations as well as making herself as well attuned to the Vikta in both herself and around her. She exited her home on the dawn of her twenty-fifth birthday and announced her plan to the people of her village: In order to protect them, she would utilize all of the power of her Father's wand along with herself in order to create a massive barrier around the entirety of the village that would isolate them from any threat that may wish them harm and prevent those horrible creatures from ever reaching them by utterly obliterating everything that touched it.

She stood in the center of her village and raised her wand, smiling brightly to her people as she said the incantations, each of the gemstones upon the wand lighting in turn as she thrust it upward into the air while demanding it to create the barrier. It had worked, beautifully, as a large bubble formed around the village made of swirling Vikta: Caligula was surprised, to say the least, and she believed in that split second that everything would be alright and that she had done what the Gods could not -- She was going to protect her people without their help.

It was after this brief moment of victory that everything quite literally collapsed around the young Mage. Her wand flickered and its gemstones gave out before suddenly the barrier began to turn inward and she found herself screaming, yet she did not remember doing so, as it - slowly at first - began to obliterate the outskirts of her village as she looked up to the skies and swore that she saw a bolt of lightning strike its center before everything suddenly went black.

She awoke with a stifled scream, having assumed that what had just happened before her eyes must have been a bad dream seeing as she had felt herself being obliterated yet ... she was fine, so it must have all just been some nightmare, she figured.

It was when she stood up and found herself standing in the center of a massive crater that she realized everything had most definitely not been a dream and somehow she was spared, in lieu of all of the innocent people she had doomed. Numbly, Caligula picked up her Father's wand which had also managed to escape unharmed and staggered away from her village in a direction she was unsure of with no destination in mind -- she just wanted to leave, it did not matter to where.

Since then, she has traveled throughout the continent in the hopes of finding answers as to why or how she managed to survive and to provide help to those who cannot help themselves by use of her magic. Though she is much more careful in its usage than before, and rarely does she let her old self shine through of the young Mage who believed she could take on the world -- she is now a woman with deep-rooted fears of hurting others and a question that keeps her up at night almost without fail:


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