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Aiko Sasaki

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[Image: u50uugx.gif]
"This is my curse, my burden to bear -- I would stay away if I were you."

Character's Name: Aiko Sasaki

Nicknames: Saki

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human



All post-counts, such as for durations and recovery times are approximate and based on an average time of six-seconds passing per post/round of combat: Shorter periods of time can be accounted for by adding one post to the duration and subtract one from the recovery period per two-seconds faster than the average of six-seconds per round. I.E an ability which requires a two-post recovery period on average will decrease to a one-post recovery period for a four-second round of combat while the duration will increase by an equal number of posts.

Cursed Sword Izanami:
[Image: iVHl76e.png]
"Surrender yourself to me and I can give you the power to do what you have always wanted -- to be the hero of your own story."

Aiko's major power and downfall lie within the cursed weapon that she wields, a cursed weapon which calls itself by the name of "Izanami" and which grants Aiko the use of most of her abilities in exchange for providing it with power through the devouring of Souls from fallen enemies. With each Soul gathered, the weapon along with Aiko herself grow stronger and become equally more dependant upon one another for survival. The contract that binds the two of them together has several conditions that must be followed by both at all times and cannot be disobeyed, which are as follows:

* Izanami must provide Aiko with all the power it obtains as a result of their journeys.

* Izanami must not allow for Aiko to come to harm through negligence or willfully placing her in harm's way.

* Aiko must provide Izanami with the souls it requires, whenever it requires them.

* Aiko must not attempt to destroy Izanami or allow Izanami to be destroyed through negligence.

* Both must protect one another when the other in danger.

* Both must share any information that the other gains outside of their collective knowledge.

If Aiko fails to provide the aforementioned souls at least once per week from a freshly slain individual to Izanami, then she will become increasingly weakened until being rendered unable to move by the seventh day and dying after the tenth day due to extreme atrophy and the literal withering away of her internals.

It is important to mention that this blade cannot be broken under normal circumstances except in the case of Divine entities such as Gods or Demi-Gods who must willingly attempt to destroy the blade in order to do so. Anything lesser cannot break the blade but can disrupt its wielder or its powers for a time.

For instance, Light-Element beings or those with the Light element such as Angels may disarm Aiko from her blade and upon doing so will render its "Empowered Strikes" ability null until Aiko gathers its power again or casts an Ability which would restore this effect.

It is unknown what Dark God or Entity created Izanami, all that is known is that Izanami has seemingly been acting upon their own accord for some time -- at least as far as Aiko is aware. Whether the sword will someday betray its Wielder is unknown, or more worryingly ... will the being that created Izanami turn against its creation?

Cursed Sword Abilities:
[Image: 31yKUJ3.gif]
"Here it is, that power that you wanted. Just remember where your loyalties lie at the end of the day."

Cursed Wielder's Aura:
Within a ten meter radius, Aiko emits an aura of cursed Darkness which whispers to those within its range. These whispers can be used to judge how far Aiko is based on their volume and are often beckoning those who hear them to approach or to stay away from Aiko depending on Aiko and Izanami's whim at the time.

It is further noted that this Aura targets those who are weakest of will and creates visual and auditory hallucinations with its dark powers in order to manifest their strongest fears. Those who are of the Light Element, however, or have a strong tie to Divinity, do not witness these hallucinations and can see the falsified shadows around them for what they are.

All non-magical lighting within this radius is dimmed and the sky is covered with dark storm-clouds within the Aura, which warns those within it that something is coming.

The main ability that Aiko possesses and uses whenever possible, Aiko either impales or touches a helpless opponent who has been mortally wounded and attempts to absorb their very essence and soul from their body and into herself or Izanami.

Only those with supremely strong will-power can prevent this from happening in a mortally wounded state and this cannot be prevented in the target is completely slain or unconscious.

Absorbing the soul of a fallen enemy grants Aiko the ability to take on the aspect of one of their lesser spells or racial features, though she cannot gain immortality or godly powers through this method. Such powers can only be gained through the absorption of ten angels and/or demons and then the slaying of a Demi-God, only after this will she be able to absorb the powers of those of an Angel or greater.

Absorbing a soul requires two full posts of out of combat throughout which Aiko cannot be interrupted or she is required to start the process over again.

If Aiko is disarmed except by the special cases listed previously such as by Divine or Angelic powers that are of the Light Element, she may call her weapon back to her hand immediately without needing to retrieve it manually.

If she is disarmed by the aforementioned abilities, however, she must retrieve the blade manually and its Empowered Strikes will be disabled until she reactivates them through another ability or Empowered Strikes itself.

Note that if Aiko is within one-hundred feet from her blade she may willingly call it to her hand, however, if she instead chooses to willingly attempt to abandon it past this point -- or someone takes the blade from her and is able to keep it away until out of range, then she will be rendered unable to move until it is returned to her hands.

Grasping Shadows:
Within the same radius as her Cursed Wielder's Aura, Aiko may manipulate the shadows around herself and others in order to attempt to grab those within her range. Anyone who stands still for longer than a full post within this radius will be grabbed by the shadows and must have strength equal to Aiko herself in order to break out -- otherwise, they will be rendered helpless for a full post afterward at which point they will be given a post to attempt an escape again, but if unable to do so will be rendered helpless for another post with a maximum duration of three posts or until Aiko physically attacks with any of her Dark Element abilities, at which point the shadows will be released upon the next post.

Empowered Strikes:
Aiko may use the latent Darkness within Izanami in order to harness the full potential of the inner-strength outside of her Overtaken form and in doing so, may unleash powerful blows that would slay most ordinary humans single-handedly. Her Empowered Strikes are considered active upon her first entering into combat, but if dispelled or deactivated, she must reactivate them with a full post action.

It is important to note that her attacks while using Empowered Strikes are considered using the Dark Element for the purposes of damage reduction, resistances, and immunities. When Empowered Strikes are deactivated, dispelled, or otherwise not in use, then these attacks are instead element-less.

The following is applied in regards to Empowered Strikes:

* When active, all attacks are considered at a strength equal to twice that of an ordinary peak Human condition. Otherwise, her attacks are considered to be simply at the ability of a Human with peak physical training.

* When active, Aiko can make three attacks per post, unless another ability grants her additional or fewer attacks. When inactive, Aiko can only perform two attacks per post, unless another ability grants her additional or fewer attacks.

These numbers are averaged, add or subtract one attack per two-second difference either above or below the standard six-second round. I.E four attacks for a four-second round or two attacks for an eight-second round.

This also applies to Overtake.

Aura Slash:
Utilizing the shadows from her Empowered Strikes, Aiko can make ranged slashing attacks that send waves of edged Darkness toward her enemies that are ten feet in length and one foot in width. This ability cannot be used if Empowered Strikes is dispelled, and furthermore cannot be used in the same post as Empowered Strikes.

Aiko may make four slashes toward an enemy that move at her speed and deal half of Aiko's base power per attack, but utilizing all four attacks in a single post will render her unable to use Empowered Strikes for two full posts. These slashes cannot track a target and as such can be evaded with proper speed or by utilizing some form of cover.

[Image: wGkqhQ8.gif]
"Izanami... It's your turn."

Giving herself fully over to Izanami, Aiko allows herself to be swallowed by Darkness and Shadows, her entire visage becoming black save for her mouth and eyes, both of which appear to leak blood from them throughout the duration of this ability. While utilizing this ability she gains access to several other abilities as well as the following effects:

* Speed, Power, and Ability range is doubled for abilities not labeled "Overtaken" or "Overtake".

* Base Speed and Power for Aiko herself is doubled, increasing to twice that of a peak Human in both regards.

* Recovery period for abilities not labeled "Overtaken" or "Overtake" is doubled.

Overtake can be used indefinitely, though if she uses this ability for any longer than ten posts, utilization of any Overtaken ability will cause her to fall unconscious after its duration and be rendered helpless for a number of posts equal to the duration of Overtake plus the duration of the ability used, plus the Recovery period for any abilities used during this time.

Otherwise, when exiting her Overtaken form, Aiko will be staggered and unable to fight for a number of posts equal to the duration she was in her Overtaken form and her speed will be halved for this time as well.

Overtaken Dark Healing:
While in her Overtaken form, Aiko can utilize the shadows around her in order to heal herself from minor wounds over a period of a full post or three posts during combat. She cannot use this ability to heal from mortal wounds or wounds that include loss of a limb. If also under the effects of Overtake The Sun, however, the following is also applied:

* Dark Healing time reduced to instantly for minor wounds.

* Mortal wounds can be healed over three posts, however, limbs lost cannot be restored during combat.

* Limbs lost can be restored by entering a Stasis equal to five posts per limb lost, during which time if Aiko is interrupted the process is halted and must be restarted.

Overtaken Retribution:
Encasing herself in a cocoon of shadows, Aiko absorbs any non-light element type spell or attack for the duration and upon the end of this duration releases a blast of Dark Energy equal to half of the ability or attack damage absorbed. Light Element abilities or attacks are not affected.

This ability lasts for one full post and requires five full posts before being able to be used again.

Overtaken Flurry:
[Image: jFos13S.gif]
"Pain is nothing, I will keep going despite the pain -- Until nothing remains of you but dust!"
Drawing upon the raw power of Izanami, Aiko awakens the ability to unleash a rain of blows upon her enemies in exchange for a temporary lowering of her speed during a recovery period. While this ability is in effect, the following is applied:

* Number of attacks per post is doubled.

* All physical damage taken is ignored for the duration, although afterward is applied normally and damage taken during the Ability's duration will be applied at once.

* Magic damage does not stagger Aiko, excluding Light element damage which behaves as intended.

* During the recovery period, attacks per post along with the power of these attacks are halved.

* Sight for those who are not able to see naturally in the Dark or who are not aligned with the Dark Element is decreased to thirty-feet.

The recovery period lasts for a number of posts equal to the number of posts that Overtaken Flurry is used -- Up to three posts. During this recovery period, Aiko's attack power and attack per post/speed are halved during the recovery period.

Overtaken Waltz:
Lunging forward, Aiko impales her target upon her blade and performs a macabre dance with them while they are impaled before then twisting the blade to the side and tearing their body open horizontally and then dropping them off of the blade with mild contempt.

This requires the target to either be slower than Aiko or restrained, otherwise, the target will only suffer the first impalement on a partial save and no damage if they are greatly faster than her.

Overtake The Sun:
[Image: 0eHugZh.gif]
"My anger, My hatred, My rage -- Even the sun cannot stop me."

Her most powerful ability that is only able to be used when in her Overtaken form; Aiko calls upon all of Izanami's power at once by impaling herself upon its blade in order to create a two-hundred-meter radius in which the sun itself is blotted out and the following effects are applied:

* Range of all Cursed Sword Abilities is doubled.

* Grasping Shadows and Cursed Wielder's Aura is extended from the normal range to the entirety of the radius of Overtake The Sun.

* Lightning and thunder erupt from the clouds that are present from the Cursed Wielder's Aura, providing no mechanical effect on their own but producing a powerful rainstorm which can allow for Water Manipulation to double in its normal power and ability, allowing it to block lesser spells and lesser magical attacks.

* Other Auras within this radius have their abilities severed for the duration, provided they are not Light Element based.

* All light-based elementals, beings, or spells within the radius have their power halved.

* All dark-based elementals, beings, or spells are doubled in power.

* Sight for those who are not dark-based is reduced to thirty feet.

The duration of this spell is up to ten posts, however, with each successive post that this ability remains in effect: The time required to recover is increased and furthermore, if the duration of the ability is any longer than five posts, Aiko will be rendered comatose for the remainder of the recovery time and thus be unable to defend herself.

Recovery time is one post for a one post duration, two posts for a two post duration, three posts for a three post duration, six posts for a four post duration, eight posts for a five post duration, ten posts for a six post duration, and so on.

Other Abilities:

Water Manipulation:
[Image: Q2tYlqS.gif]

Aiko has the ability to manipulate and control small bodies of water roughly the size and depth of an average puddle. She can also use this water to form small barriers roughly four feet in length and half a foot in depth in order to block basic weapon attacks or ranged attacks, but nothing of magical or stronger than average human strength.

[Image: tRgjgv2.jpg]

[Image: dpCAt9l.jpg]

Outwardly, Aiko chooses to project a stoic outer appearance and chooses to avoid contact with other people for the most part unless it is absolutely necessary. However, at times, when Izanami is dormant and has been serving the souls it requires from her, Aiko can let her inner-self out somewhat and reveal herself to be simply a normal girl of her age with the same wants and needs as anyone else. She can be energetic and even friendly towards others during times like this, however, she still remains at a distance from everyone she meets in order to spare them from being dragged into her woes and worries.

She respects those that are genuine in their feelings the most, and those that are insincere or those who would rather lie, cheat and steal in the least favorable light. Though this is not to say she has to associate with those she does not like from time to time and as such must at least put on a somewhat tolerable act.

Aiko had been a girl with high hopes and a desire to one day become a leader within her local community; She had always enjoyed helping others, performing tasks around the village and doing generally whatever she could in order to prove herself to everyone around her that she was no slouch and by no means did she intend to simply be another ordinary villager among dozens of others. She had always sought for a way to achieve greatness and to become something more than she was, to prove herself to both herself and everyone else -- and get the love and adoration she believed would one day be hers.

This all culminated when upon one of her daily walks throughout the outskirts of her village where she came across a trail of black feathers. She followed this trail until she eventually came face to face with a black-haired and purple-eyed woman who beckoned her closer and began to whisper to her about how she had seen all the good deeds that the girl had done and that she was an angel sent by the Gods to reward her for all of her hard work.

Naively, Aiko immediately bought into the story and accepted the gift of a very fine looking sword from the woman and, upon doing so, she immediately felt compelled to do anything and everything that this angel said -- and she did, for a short time. Until the sword had one day beckoned to Aiko within her mind, snapping her from her trance and assuring her that it would help her escape the situation she was currently in; so long as Aiko promised to bond with it in return.

Accepting the deal, Aiko escaped her captive situation and pledged herself to the mysterious weapon which revealed its true intent: To devour the souls of the living in exchange for great power that it believed would one day be enough to rival even the Gods once the soul of a Demi-God was absorbed. However, neither a God nor Demi-God have been slain by the blade as of yet and Aiko herself is too weak of a vessel to attempt doing so and as such the weapon must continue to feast upon weaker souls in order to grow its vessel's power.

Aiko herself has resigned herself to the curse, attempting to urge the weapon away from killing innocents while instead attempting to focus on killing only those that have directly wronged them or who otherwise do not deserve to live in their eyes. She bears it with a sort of stoic demeanor, reminding herself and those she meets who offer to help rid her of the weapon that she not only bears the curse from her contract; but as a reminder of the person who she will one day kill in revenge for what they have done to her.

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OMG, these are super cool powers! I like her a lot!

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