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Character's Name: Sarakiel

Nicknames: Sara(h)

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: Angel


Love-Based Abilities:

Aura Of Love:
Within a two meter radius around herself, Sarakiel emits an Aura of Love which causes those within this radius to feel more at ease or willing to trust Sarakiel's words so long as they are not sufficiently strong-willed. This Aura also has the effect of heightening any love-based emotion felt by those within the range, such as Jealousy, Desire, Comfort, Trust, etc. Anything that involves the target's feelings toward another individual in a romantic sense, even Sarakiel herself.

Smiling toward an individual target while looking into their eyes, Sarakiel can invoke a sense of trust and comfort toward herself in individuals with the effect becoming stronger depending on two factors: The target's feelings toward Sarakiel and their overall will-power, which affects all of Sarakiel's lesser spells.

While a Target is under the effect of Trust, Sarakiel may invoke Devotion by giving the target a trinket of her choice which serves as the catalyst for this spell and if destroyed or not accepted, the spell will be broken. While under the effects of this spell, the Target will be drawn to willingly do whatever Sarakiel asks of them so long as it is not directly harmful toward themselves or their significant other as Sarakiel's magic will typically not allow her to place lovers in danger directly.

She may also request the individual to perform tasks at her leisure and only a significantly strong will allows for the Target to deny her requests, even then, they will suffer the effects of a Lesser Heartbreak each time that they deny a request while under this spell.

Speaking directly to a Target or otherwise using her voice to capture their attention, Sarakiel can force a Target to remain in place for a period of time determined by how positively the Target feels about Sarakiel as well as their strength and power of will. Those with a weaker will can still break free of this mythical entanglement by quite literally forcing themselves to move out of the position Sarakiel has captured them in, though taking this route will result in the effects of a Lesser Heartbreak.

Those who remain in the mythical binding will be released either when Sarakiel wishes them to be free, or once Sarakiel stops speaking: Anything that interrupts her speech for more than five seconds is considered long enough for the Target to be released from the spell's effect.

Only able to be used when kissing a target who already, or after the kiss would, feels positively about Sarakiel; This spell allows for the fallen angel to place the target completely under her control for a time determinant upon how positively they feel and what commands are issued to them. When under the effects of this spell, the target's eyes will become a soft purple color similar to Sarakiel's own and they will speak in the most loving voice they are capable of producing when speaking with Sarakiel.

Those under this spell are still fully conscious throughout the duration of the spell, however, their mind is muddled and filled with thoughts and images that reflect positively upon Sarakiel and as such, it can be difficult for the Target to force themselves out of the effects of the spell. However, if a half hour is spent uninterrupted, the target may attempt to break themselves free in exchange for suffering the effects of a normal Heartbreak spell.

If they had negative feelings toward Sarakiel beforehand, or had a strong will, the Target will instead be fully aware that they are under a charm spell and will be able to break free in the same amount of time while only suffering the effects of a Lesser Heartbreak and can avoid being under this spell's effects for a full day afterward.

Love At First Sight:
Looking into a Target's eyes and only upon their first encounter in a given thread, Sarakiel can attempt to force the target prematurely under the effects of Enrapture so long as the Target meets the following conditions and has a will weak enough to allow them to be overtaken by the Spell in the first place:

* The Target must feel positively toward Sarakiel or Angels.

* The Target must not be romantically in love with another individual.

* The Target must be able to find Sarakiel attractive romantically, I.E this cannot affect those who would have no feelings toward Sarakiel

If these conditions are met and the Target does not have sufficient power of will, they will be placed under the effects of Enrapture and must perform the necessary methods to escape the spell.

Heartbreak can only be used toward those Sarakiel feels negatively toward, or when conditions in other spells are met as a sort of reactionary spell that is automatically cast. Heartbreak is cast either as the aforementioned reactionary spell in which no cues are given or as a standalone spell in which Sarakiel voices her distaste for an individual and curses them to a loveless life.

This spell then causes the target's heart to stop temporarily, or to be crushed literally from the inside depending on both the strength of Sarakiel's emotions at the time, her current form, as well as how affected the Target themselves would be by her words.

This means that the effects of the spell range from forcing the target into a prone or injured position or kill those who depend upon their hearts outright if they are especially susceptible to the angel's words.

Lesser Heartbreak:
This functions the same in all forms to Heartbreak, save for the effects and the energy required to utilize the spell.

This spell either causes the Target's heart to skip a few beats, or beat irregularly for a short period of time. Both of these causing severe discomfort and perhaps more problems within the target's body -- but by itself is not life-threatening.

A Thousand Broken Hearts:
This is a more massive version of Heartbreak that is considered Sarakiel's strongest (and therefore most exhausting) spell that requires her to be in her true form in order to use it and as such cannot be used under normal circumstances.

This spell has the same effect as Heartbreak, however, can be spread against any number of targets so long as they can hear Sarakiel's voice, meaning that large numbers are possible in densely populated areas.

Other Abilities:

Basic Elemental Control:
Sarakiel can manipulate the basic elements such as Water, Air, Earth, Fire as well as Light to a minor degree. She cannot perform greater spells with these elements, however, she can use them to produce small desired effects such as a rush of air or lighting a small fire.

Angelic Healing:
Sarakiel can also recover from any wound that does not outright sever a limb or remove an organ within a few minutes of uninterrupted rest. Wounds that do remove a limb or organ require her to enter a 'stasis' for a full day, during which she is left vulnerable and can be interrupted if out in the open.

During a battle, Sarakiel can heal minor cuts and scrapes at will, with only deep gashes or injuries as mentioned above requiring her to retreat and heal properly.

Angelic Flight
Sarakiel as an Angel may also fly at a rate of one-hundred and twenty feet per six seconds.

[Image: 8NvSpvX.jpg]

The important details to note about Sarakiel's appearance are that unlike most other Angels, she has taken on a much darker overall appearance and has even altered her wings into a sort of falsified version of her own wings. She has long, black hair and softly glowing purple eyes that continue to shine even in utter darkness and her overall build is rather small as to be expected of someone who is - in relative terms - a youth still due to her immortality and short time spent among the living.

Her true form is that of a small black swan, representing a sort of tainted power between that of the Dove and her Songbird lineage.

Sarakiel is a woman who believes fully in Love-At-First-Sight, she loves those she fawns for with an intensity that would likely frighten ordinary Humans and has a tendency to shadow them wherever they go, or at the very least check on them abnormally often. Yet at the same time, she does this out of what she believes to be a pure love and would never under any circumstances purposefully harm her lovers or those she deems as possible future interests. She can, however, become quite cold or even angry toward those who reject her and has a habit of threatening them with the usage of her angelic powers if they do not comply with her requests.

It is also important to note that despite her loving nature toward those she has feelings towards, she has no qualms about using her powers to either hinder or destroy those who stand in the way between her and one of her interests -- even if that interest has not been made aware of her feelings just yet.

Sarakiel was an angel within the house of Love who had always seen herself as apart from many of the others within her Realm, as she did not wish to kill Demons or engage in the War of Light and Dark that she had been told since early adolescence that participating in the war was both necessary and right; Two statements which she felt hard to sympathize with when, as far as she saw things, this war only impeded her true calling in bringing people together and spreading love to the world.

It was during one fateful day, participating in the War that she despised so much, that Sarakiel met a particular Demon who she was immediately enraptured by -- however, she knew that even feeling such things was against everything that she was raised for as well as all that she, as an angel, stood for in the first place. She was intended to be a savior against Darkness, not sympathize with it or anyone associated with it, as much as she deeply wished to do otherwise.

She eventually had to confront this Demon and face them in battle. Although Sarakiel had immense power flowing through her, a combination of her fascination with this Demon and the Demon's own cunning caused the young Angel to drop her guard for a split-second long enough for her to be caught in what was surely a life or death situation. She fully expected to be killed there or brought to the other Demons for Torture; yet either due to the Demon seeing something within Sarakiel's eyes or perhaps her own amusement ... She was spared. Not only was she spared, but the Demon promised her safety and a place alongside her if she were to forsake her home and her people. She promised that one thing that Sarakiel was born for and what she could never refuse: Love.

At that moment, Sarakiel made a decision that changed her life and all for the sake of a single person who had just moments ago been her enemy. She forsook all that she had and all that she had known for what was quite possibly death and the unknown. She became a Fallen Angel and has ever since formed an unbreakable bond with the Demon that spared her and filled her mind with her vision of the world. To this day, she travels alongside her, spreading these 'truths' alongside her lover as well as her own corrupted 'Love', hoping that others will see the world the same way she does soon enough.

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