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"We are two minds in one body -- One of us has to be the first."

Character's Name: Verdiana/Minerva Ficca

Nicknames: Gemini (Together), Diana (Verdiana), Mini (Minerva)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human


- Shapeshifting. (Single-Form/Natural Ability from Item)
Naturally, Gemini - as she is known when referring to her as a whole rather than one of her personalities - is capable of swapping between two Human forms at-will, or rather whenever one personality overpowers the other. These forms are detailed further in the Appearance section, but both appear to be the same age and general height, with her blonde-haired form being slightly taller than her brown-haired one and having a sterner overall appearance as Verdiana; when compared to the shorter and more energetic brown-haired Minerva.

These forms each excel in separate types of elemental magic, with one form not being able to cast spells and magic at the same level as their opposing form when utilizing their Specialty, but being able to rival if not outclass some Humans in their respective specialties.

The blonde-haired form who identifies herself as Verdiana excels in Ice based magic, whereas the brown-haired form who identifies herself as Minerva excels in Fire based magic with both forms preferring casting through a wand in order to allow their powers to be channeled properly and without their wands are considered to be at a disadvantage, though they can still cast lesser spells without the need for the wand and some larger spells with great effort.

- (Verdiana) Ice Magic.
Verdiana specializes in Ice based magic with her lesser spells including causing freezing rain in a small area (around five meters in a radius), Summoning small spikes of magic to slow or injure an enemy and freezing small bodies of water.

Larger spells which require more effort include summoning much larger spikes or freezing larger bodies of water (up to 20,000 gallons: The amount of water in a large swimming pool) as well as freezing water in the bodies of enemies themselves if she is allowed to concentrate on the spell for one hour per five-feet of height in the individual. Though this only works on creatures or individuals who have water present in their bodies in large amounts such as humans or other mammals, and not undead.

- (Minerva) Fire Magic
Minerva specializes in Fire Magic and, despite being mainly a pacifist, she can and will use her powers in order to defend herself if threatened. Her lesser spells consist of: Creating small sparks, extinguishing or igniting flames up to the size of an average camp-fire and casting small balls of fire roughly the size and density of a softball in order to throw at an enemy up to one-hundred feet away.

Her larger spells include a 20ft radius ball of fire which takes around five seconds to prepare and cast, as well as creating small walls of flame roughly forty-feet in length and one foot in depth or, alternatively a ten-foot radius circle of fire around herself and allies to protect them from attacks for a short time.

- Minor Magic Healing/Mending (Both Forms)
Both forms are capable of performing minor healing/mending with their respective magics, either flavoring this healing/mending with their respective element or using an element-less spell depending on what needs to be done. This cannot, however, heal serious wounds or repair that which has been shattered into pieces smaller than one-fourth of the object's original size and as such is best suited for small scrapes, cuts, or smaller broken objects like glasses and windows.


[Image: KMwKsXV.jpg]
- Verdiana

[Image: aPU1Yzs.jpg]
- Minerva

Gemini has two different forms, one for each of her two Personalities each with their own unique appearance - although both retaining the aforementioned relatively close body proportions save for certain areas such as their height and bust. Furthermore, these two forms each dress in similar attire - due to the fact they share one vessel and as such must compromise on certain things - often times sporting simple mages attire with casual dress attire underneath and secured with a belt which holds their shared wand that channels their individual magic.

Verdiana has the appearance of a well-kept and proper looking young mage of her later teenage years with pale skin, with long flowing blonde hair with varying shades of color standing out that all are very similar and match with one another to create an elegant appearance to the woman's overall look. Her eyes are a brilliant blue color that gives off a faint shine in light or dark, and her build would be considered to be lean by most standards and only furthers her noble looking visage.

Minerva, on the other hand, has the appearance of a somewhat sloppily kept girl of similar age and stature if not a little shorter than her counterpart. Her build is relatively the same, albeit with a less pale skin-tone and her simple brown-hair sets her apart from her noble looking counterpart along with her strikingly opposing red eyes that seem to be only another way of standing her apart from her other half.


Being that she has two separate forms, Gemini also holds two separate personalities within her that act independently from one another and depending on which has a stronger pull on Gemini's mind at the time determines which side is shown to strangers or friends alike.

Verdiana is the more aloof personality of the two, typically dismissing other Humans that do not have the same magical potential as her and having a strong distaste for other species that are naturally stronger than Humans as a result of her desire to be superior to others. However, this is the personality which is dominant more-often than not and only when Gemini feels comfortable around someone else is Minerva typically allowed to surface - although this does not mean that Minerva is incapable of doing so when greeting strangers or when simply wanting to wander out on her own for a while.

Despite her distant nature, however, Verdiana is perhaps the most well-versed in scholarly studies of magic and of other beings and if coaxed may be willing to help another Human with magical issues that she is able to correct. It is also worth mentioning that Verdiana does occasionally listen to the voice of Minerva in her mind while in control of Gemini's form, however, and as such may act outside of her typical behavior if she is talked into it by her other half.

Minerva, in stark opposition to Verdiana, is considered to be a relatively carefree soul who simply enjoys being around others and if allowed to surface during a situation involving other people in need will invariably agree to help them no matter the risk involved to her or Gemini's form in general. As a result, she has gotten herself and the overall form in serious danger on more than one occasion.

However, despite her somewhat reckless nature, Minerva is often-times the most capable of the two at convincing others to help them in times of great need and has proven herself to be rather persistent compared to her other half when it comes to asking for help. Her persistence and inability to give up on a task when she sets her mind to it has helped Gemini out of a jam on a few separate occasions.

Much like her other half, she will listen to the other personality for advice and often-times will let her take over if the need arises - not that she ever admits to needing help, however.


Gemini is unsure of which personality was hers at birth, although each of the two inside of her mind claim such birthright individually and with the conviction that says that each utterly and truly believe that they were first and that the other was second. However, neither are able to prove their stories and as such simply believe at this point that they were born this way and that both of them are the 'true' Gemini as much as the other is.

Verdiana claims to have been of noble birth and to have been raised as a prodigy mage at a center for learning which she cannot place a name to, though she insists that it was a prestigious school that taught only the best mages. She further asserts that she was the top of her class and that she had simply fallen asleep during a longer-than-usual study session which she woke up from only to find herself alone and within a library and furthermore within a body that was not her own.

Minerva insists, instead, that she was of ordinary birth and was a mostly self-taught mage who was tutored by a great witch who was - according to her - the strongest and most powerful witch of all the lands who had chosen Minerva out of thousands of possible proteges for the simple fact that she had the most heart and determination among all of the rest. She contends that she was also in the middle of one of her shorter-than-most study sessions when, while reading under a tree, she had fallen asleep and simply woken up in the library curiously where she had begun to hear Verdiana's voice in her head.

Whichever story is the right one, or if either of them is, remains a mystery to this day and the two hope to someday find the cause of their strange affliction and possibly cure it - if they can ever be cured.

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