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Out For A Walk

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Players involved: Zaz, King Fury
Characters involved: Beriadan, Areal
Setting: Bera Forest
Time: Current, Noon
Weather: Clear, Somewhat Spooky

The air here was always calm, soothing even. Some may say this forest was creepy, but for Beriadan, it was peaceful. He often took walks here, whenever he wasn't busy doing research, as it tended to calm him. The surreal voices of the birds around always strangely resonated with him. Even the trees seemed to make noise. And yet, surrounded by so many faint, eerie sounds, he felt at peace. He supposed it was him feeling nostalgic for his first home, for Elesseas. While Linosea forest certainly wasn't as creepy, nor was it as small, this place still reminded him of his old home. This too was not a mundane forest. There was a certain magic in the air, widely claimed to be the nearby shrine's doing. Beriadan didn't care why the forest was magical. He just loved that it was.

A small grunt would escape from Beriadan as he stretched his arms, causing his sleeveless leather top to flex as well. He did need to get out more again. He had spent the past several days in libraries and his home, trying to find out anything he could about the current Oracle situation. Sure, the situation was important, but there was only so much he could do without more information. That and he needed to take breaks. No good would come from overstressing himself. Many people may have thought of different ways to relax, but for Beriadan, walking through a creepy, somewhat magical forest would do just fine. Brushing his hand against a tree as he walked by, he breathed in the crisp air and let out a deep sigh. This truly was an interesting place, wasn't it?

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Areal enjoyed the forest. It was a good place for him to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. That isn't to say that Areal didn't like the cities, only that he did like having the option to disappear for a while when he wanted to. Today, he was lounging nearly halfway up a tree in the middle of the forest. Fox form made that easy, as he could just rest his stomach on the branch and let his feet dangle. His starball was secured to a necklace around his neck, and he was relatively certain he could relax.

Right up until he saw someone walking through the woods beneath him. 'Time for some fun.' Areal smiled slightly, now that he had someone to play with. He stood up on the branch, and his form rippled.

A moment later, a woman with long black hair sat on the branch. Her eyes were silver, and she wore a loose white kimono. She grinned down at the man walking below, and her eyes began to glow slightly.

Down below, the subtle net of illusory magic descended around Beriadan. The first effect was simple. A fake breeze rustling the treetops, followed by a mist working its way through the branches. He'd start out small and work his way up to more fun tricks.

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"Hmm, well, this is odd."

Here Beriadan was, enjoying a calm and quiet walk when the weather began to change. While he was relaxed, as that was what he came here to do, he was still attentive, and he noticed when his surroundings began to shift a bit too quickly to be natural. He briefly thought it might be Tharamos's Shrine messing with him, but he was too far away from it for that to happen. He had been walking through this forest occasionally for over a hundred years, and it was a bit strange for a mist to start forming in Xira of all places, a place that would be rendered completely dry should the deltas stop sustaining it. Now, that probably meant trickery was afoot.

Snapping out of his relaxed demeanor, Beriadan would start looking around him attentively, examining anything that seemed out of place. Was this magic? Was someone following him? Judging by the flow of Vikta in the area, someone was performing magic. He also figured that aimlessly searching an entire forest wouldn't be too practical, so he opted to counter magic with magic. With a rising motion of his hands, palms up, Dust Magic of air would begin forming around him, drawing energy from his body.

After he formed enough Dust for his intended spell, which was honestly not a lot, Beriadan would gather it in a loose ring around his body, condensing the particulate Dust into a more solid formation. How his magic interacted with whoever was messing with him would help him figure out what kind of magic he was up against. With an exaggerated snap of his fingers, and a smirk forming on his face, the ring of Dust around him would detonate, sending a wave of wind out in all directions. This wave also contained Dust that the spell had not consumed. These loose particles would act as a sort of mapping tool, winding their way around trees and giving him an at least somewhat accurate shape of the area as he felt their movement, looking out for any unusual shapes in the area.

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