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Hera Scylla Oceanic

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Character's Name: Hera Scylla Oceanic (Last name is inherited through family)

Nicknames: Scy

Age: 105 years old

Gender: Female

Species: Sphinx

Abilities: Able to heal and purify things around her. Has ability to sense when someone is lying or holds malicious intent. Has a natural resistance to poisons, and can sense when something has been laced. Can create illusions and whip up sandstorms.  Has a strong affinity for light magic and vikta.

Appearance: She has the head of a brown skinned woman and her face is elegant, her face structure has a slightly elongated profile. She has round gold fur colored lioness like ears. She has light blue almond shaped eyes that are rimmed with black. She has long thick light brown hair that is in an elegant up do, and decorated with shiny things such as gems. She has the feline body similar to a lioness, and her fur color is golden. She also has the tail of a lioness which has the same gold colored fur as her body, and the tip of her tail is pure black. She has wings similar to that of a golden eagle with hints of black. Her black claws are curved and sharp. She has strong muscle and knows how to throw her weight around, but her body is lean and smooth, her fur is smooth as well.

Personality: She is very noble and has a lot of class, she always carries herself as such. Scylla holds the true image of a strong woman, and is very independent. She is very dominant and loves to show other sphinx and even other lesser creatures that she is in charge. Scylla loves shiny things and jewelry, and enjoys the finer things in life. This sphinx will only be in a harem ruled by the strongest males, it's her way of making sure she isn't being ruled by weakness, and she will only mate with the strongest males. Scylla is very devious and whatever she wants she will get it by any means. Those who stand in the way of her goals are at risk of getting attacked. She demands respect from everyone and anything. She is power hungry, and always wants more if it will gain her power over others. She is not very kind and can be cold hearted. She despises weakness, and will disregard the weak like trash. She is obsessed with wealth and believes it to be an important part of a sphinx's status. The higher your status, the more powerful you are. She has a strong spirit and backbone, she can never be brought down emotionally. She is also very judge mental and judges those based on their actions and bloodlines. Bloodlines are of great importance to her, and it helps define someone. She believes females to be superior to males. Koda doesn't tolerate laziness one bit and values hard work. She knows of her ravishing beauty and what she is worth. She knows how to flaunt what she has and has confidence in herself and her body. She is also free spirited, and knows how to carve out a way for herself. She can also be very vain.

History: She was born into a powerful family bloodline known as the Oceanic family. Her family is notorious for those who served as warriors or guardians. Her family was wealthy and her parents groomed her to be a proper sphinx. Her parents trained and groomed her to be a proper heir to the Oceanic family, and since then she grew into a proper prodigy of the family line. Now she is her own sphinx, and she carries the family name like a proper shield. She tends to brag and be arrogant of her family name.

Roleplay Sample: Koda's elegant brown eyes fell upon a male who approached her at the borders. She studied him for a quick moment as soon as he stopped in front of her. The young dog realized that his body was littered with scars, and his bulk was somewhat intimidating. The young female was not deterred though. Gathering herself she showed submissive behavior and spoke respectfully to the male named Shaamah. "My name is Koda Hunt. I have come because I would like to join Sapient." Her British accent held class as she spoke to the male. Hearing that she was at the lands of Sapient meant she had came in the right direction. Even though she showed complete respect to the male, her jewelry and attire still showed off her elegance and form. The wind started to pick up again as her mane blew in the cool breeze. Koda's jewelry gleamed in the sunlight that was available in the area, and her dress blew showing off her long legs. Koda was grateful that her parents would send her things to her once she claimed a residence in this place. Her mother told her that a woman of her stature shouldn't dirty her hands with that much work. The way she was brought up is what made her who she was today. The young dog was brought up with class, nobility, and most importantly wealth. Her parent's wealth, was now hers as well. She couldn't wait to see what life would be like in Sapient. She would be very respectful of those who ranked above her, for it was likely that they knew more than she did.

Looking at the male in front of her, he was obviously high in rank. Yet she didn't exactly know what "Opus Summus" was. Yet the young woman knew she would learn quickly. She continued to show respectful submissive behavior as their conversation carried on. She was a woman of manners, and knew her place in the pecking order. She waited patiently for what the rugged male would say next. She made sure to mind her manners.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

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Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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