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Character's Name: Ceserus

Nicknames: N/A

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Reaper (formerly Visek Elf)

Abilities: Arcane Magic: While in his Elf form, Ceserus weilds powerful arcane magic with great proficiency. He is able to teleport short and long distances, create illusions, as well as use the magic to create barriers and powerful bursts of raw magic that have very powerful destructive capabilities. The aura emanated by his magic is a dark purple and black. Additionally, thanks to his necromantic curse Ceserus can absorb a portion of arcane magic around him in order to sustain himself, though this does not protect him in any way.

Necromancy: While in his Elf form, Ceserus is capable of using necromantic spells to use bodies of the fallen as his tools in a perverted mimicry of life. He can create three puppets when in his Elf form, but the true extent of his Necromantic abilities manifest in his reaper form. Because his powers of necromancy are granted by his Reaper curse, in his reaper form he is able to create far more puppets to do his bidding, though he must maintain his concentration on them. Additionally, in either form Ceserus can use his necromantic power to tear souls from recently killed or those close to death. This is the way he sustains himself apart form absorbing raw arcane magic.

Reaper Form: At will, Ceserus can transform parts of his body into their true, semi-spectral reaper form for brief moments at a time allowing them to pass though most basic armor and rendering normal weapons useless. This is taxing on him however, and so he avoids doing it unless a perfect opportunity presents itself. By expending a great deal of magical energy, Ceserus can assume his true Reaper form, which is semi-spectral and increases his necromantic abilities. Basic attacks with non-magical weapons that are not enhanced with silver will pass through him, though he can be harmed normally by magic and magic weapons. The area immediately around him also drains vitality of living creatures and plants in an aura of death, but can be warded against by simple magics. Additionally, he cannot use his arcane magic in this form, as his spectral body is unable to channel it properly. Instead he relies on his scythe and necromancy to drain the life form those around him and raise undead puppets to do his bidding. After using this form, Ceserus is significantly rained of energy and cannot use any magical abilities until he has consumed at least a single soul and cannot use the form again until he has consumed at least three souls.  

Appearance: Elf Form: In his elf form, Ceserus stands 6 feet tall, with long pale violet hair that falls down just past his shoulders. His pale grey eyes match his similarly pale skin that is unnatural for a normal elf, though not unheard of. He is slender, muscular, and handsome which he accents by dressing nicely. He generally wears dark coloured tunics accented with silver trim along with a dark cloak lined with white fur. There is always a dagger on his waist, held in a dark red sheath trimmed with silver. The blade itself is white steel and slightly curved.  

Reaper Form: Ceserus’ true form is that of a Reaper. He appears as a shadowy figure clad in tattered robes, the hood of which obscure a face that is not actually present. His hands can be seen, though they appear to be skeletal. He holds a scythe that is approximately 6 feet long with a long, hooked blade. Hanging from the top of the scythe is a lantern that emits a pale green glow, illuminating the area around him while in this form.

Personality: Devoted: Ceserus serves Death. He has for as long as he can remember, and he always will. Though he has been given a long leash to travel and do as he pleases for the most part, he always acts with the interests of his master in mind.

Cruel: Ceserus enjoys seeing the fear in the eyes of his victims before they die. He will enjoy the process of torturing those who do not give him what he needs, and pays no heed when it comes to those who are clearly weaker than him. He is happy to destroy those who come against him, and with toy with those who are outclassed, injuring them and watching them suffer before putting them out of their misery.

Debaucherous: Though Ceserus is merely a husk of what was once a person, he can still feel and enjoy the basic pleasures of the living. He enjoys food, drink, sex, and humour as much as any normal mortal, and takes part in all of these things whenever he has a moment to himself. He also enjoys interaction with most mortals as well simply because he knows that he could kill most of them on a whim. He is often flirtatious and humorous when around people, making the most of his time with others before he resumes his endless slaughter.

Partially because of his curse, and partially because he has no true purpose of his own other than to serve his master, Death; Ceserus finds himself unable to stay in one pace for long, often drifting from place to place in search of more work to do for his master. This restless nature extends to his relationships with others, who often find Ceserus being distant and leaving without a word. Only those who take the time to fight alongside him and see his true nature will get to know him on a more personal level.    

History: If Ceserus had a life before being cursed and becoming a Reaper, he does not remember it. The only thing that he knows for sure is that he was once an elf, and some of those racial traits extended into his new form that wavers on the boarder of life and undeath. In truth, the former elf was taken by death demons as a child and twisted into a dark servant of Death himself. With his souls separated from his body and altered into a creature of destruction, the newly name Ceserus did not question his purpose.
Serving Death from the shadows for many years, Ceserus made his way across battlefields and roadside ambushes, absorbing the souls of the recently dead to grow in power before he could finally manifest into a physical form. Once he reached this level of power, he was allowed to continue travelling the world freely, spreading chaos and death wherever he traveled without revealing who, or what he truly was. After journeying across Sleibte for a number for a number of years, Ceserus returned to Katakarthia to help prepare for war against the angels. Where fate will take him now is a mystery…

Roleplay Sample: Character #2

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