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Looting the Battlefield

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War is profitable especially when some really good loot is left just lying around in the aftermath of battles. While these races aren't her normally preferred targets she couldn't pass up this opportunity and flew south east when word of the angels and demons slugging it out again. She did love the deserts of the world when she needed to glide, the warm updrafts from them made it so much easier than flying over open water. Golden eyes were looking down over the landscape looking for smoke from fires but from this far up it wasn't easy to spot much so she started to drift lower.

Once she spotted a place that looked like it was in a state of disarray she folded her wings in and started a controlled dive towards the ground. While falling she started shifting back to her human form since it would be harder to spot her coming down from the sky as human than a wyvern. As she grew closer to the ground she used her time dilation bubbles to slow her fall along with extending her arms and legs to increase her surface area. By the time she was reaching the ground she landed much more gently and safely than if she had just tried to land at what would have been a lethal speed.

She started walking through the place scoping it out in search of anything that might be worth looting, she wasn't looking for large items since flying away with them would be harder in a war zone. She needed things that she could easily transport to a market or fence which had her looking for ornate pieces of jewelry or higher quality weapons or even documents that might be worth selling to someone.

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The blood stained the ground. The color never washed out no matter how much rain fell on this place. The very ground held no life. It only held onto the death that clung to the air. Things came here to die. Nothing really lived here, not at least those that wanted to be a soldier and to fight for their kingdoms. They always met a new master here. One that cared not where they had been, but only sought to show them where they were going. The cries of metal against metal, people yelling in pain, war cries, and pleas for mercy field the air. This was a war. A full war. Magic filled the air going this way and that.

There she stood. In that chaos of war, walking in her anthro form. Her kudo horns gleaming with blood, and her red eyes glowing darkly as she moved. She was here inspecting. Every now and then someone would attack her, forcing her to defend herself, but for the most part angels and demons were too enthralled with each other. Just as always. They only cared the other race didn't get ahead and if they got behind... Well this happened. 

A sound of wing broke her concentration and she looked over. What were they doing here? Her eyes narrowed as she moved closer to the newcomer. "Hey, friend from across the sea! I think you're lost," her hand stayed on her blade. She had no way of knowing if this one was friendly or not. "Was there something I could help you with?" Her ears flickered, and tail twitched with anticipation.

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