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The Angel Leaders are all meeting to discuss the war. Read about the outcome Here!
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A third oracle has died! Aerithe, oracle of Zarkos, died publically in Prerio City square of what many believe to be suffocation. Read more about it HERE.
Oh no the queen! Head over to the Enkratis packlands to find out what happened HERE.
Disaster has struck at the Shrine of Jackroth! Find out what has happened to both oracle and God HERE.

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Name: Cassandra
Nicknames: Cass, Cassie, Firefall
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Gryphon
Abilities: Nature magic (Fire-aligned), fast running and flying
Appearance: With the hindquarters of a cheetah and the forequarters of hoopoe, Firefall may not present the most majestic face, but she’s definitely built for speed - lithe and streamlined, coming to a whopping three and three-quarters in height.
Personality: Firefall is relentlessly inquisitive - part of her reason for roosting on Ifaisteio Volcano was to study it and how it worked. She is also rather reckless and hot-headed, rushing into situations without properly thinking them through more often than not.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Profile.
Please post your character to the Add Characters to Guide thread to have your character added to the Character Directory.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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