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Character's Name: Corec

Nicknames: Sand Strider

Age: 150

Gender: Male

Species: Kelahati

  • Racial Wild Magic & Shapeshifting (Jackal)
  • Earth Magic (Sand) - Manipulation of the movement of sand as well as sensing vibrations through the sand.
  • Air Magic - Manipulation of air currents and speed.

  • Height: Anthro - 6'7", Jackal - 20"
  • Build: Muscular.
  • Anthro: Wide paws for feet to improve ability to walk on sand or other shifting solid material. Pads help avoid the heat from the sands burning his feet.

Personality: He is a laid back person when not working liking to relax and enjoy things, especially foods and particularly various ways to prepare meats. He'll joke around with people and even laugh at jokes made at his expense. All of this changes when he is working though, becoming a rather serious person as soon as he starts his job guiding people through the shifting sands are of western Sleibte. He can be irritable with people who disregard his advice and policies when escorting groups through or across this expanse of largely unpredictable terrain.

History: Growing up he would travel with various caravans travelling between Redstone Keep and Oslark City and rarely to either Lithrina's or Elenia's shrines to trade or deliver goods and supplies. Through the numerous trips he learned to read the weather in the shifting sands, feeling the directions of the wind, reading the shifting of sands, even picking up on the scent of sandstorms on the wind. To him they smell like hot sand and salt water thanks to the winds coming off the waters on the southern boarder of the shifting sands.

A necessity of this kind of life was learning to defend himself in order to defend the caravans picking up the use of a spear over time focusing on training each time he got back to Redstone Keep. His elemental magics were being used at a instinctual level for decades before he became aware of them thanks to a client he was escorting informing him of it after they had reached their destination. He took a break from his job of being a guide and traveled to the east to visit Yfarsel City where the practice of magic flourishes thanks to its history in the formation of the city. He sought out mages who shared at least one of his elemental affinities to help him gain at least some basic understanding of his magic to build on. He spent a full year in Yfarsel before feeling confident enough to travel back to Redstone Keep and find work guiding caravans again. Each trip across the sands has allowed him to practice his magics and strengthen them over time even learning to create small localized sandstorms to use when fighting larger groups of opponents.

Roleplay Sample: The winds were sweeping across the sands from the south west right now carrying the scent of the ocean with them making the heat more humid. His ears would twitch and turn now and again as he picked up sounds in the distance the problem was discerning which ones were real and which were created by the wind passing through or around objects in the desert. It wasn't uncommon to hear phantom sounds in the desert, it was worse at night when the chill would set in and sound would carry farther allowing the original sound to be distorted and last longer. The wide spread paws that were his feet in his anthromorph form allowed him to move surely across the hot sands keen eyes looking for movement in the distance. He wasn't out here escorting people but instead had been hired to locate and hopefully bring back a caravan that had disappeared in the area having opted to not spend the coin on a guide. He would stop every so often to let the sands tell him if there was anything moving near him. The landscape while barren still offered plenty of places to hide from sight and those who became lost would seek out places that offered shade during the day and protection during the night. The spear he carried with him was strapped to his back to cut back on tiring out his arms. Hopefully this would turn out better than some of the others he had been sent to search for in the past, it was never fun or enjoyable to find the sand covered remains of a caravan and the people running it. Deserts were dangerous places to begin with but the higher frequency of sandstorms that this particular desert was known for made this one more dangerous.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Profile.
Please post your character to the Add Characters to Guide thread o have your character added to the Character Directory.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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