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[Image: w3PiFLN.png]
art by _NicNack on Twitter!
(Click the image for a Full sized one)

Character's Name: Kaede

Nicknames: "Dancer of the falling leaves" (On-stage title),

Age: 748 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsune


- Illusion magic -
Unlike his younger brother, Hiro, who didn't bother, or his older brother, Sora, who uses it to hide, Kaede uses his illusion magic to weave a show of delight and wonder, where even the most simple wooden stage becomes a grand forest, and-- should you see a show, you'd almost swear you felt the wind blow with it. (though, that's because of his Air magic.)

- Air Magic -
His original elemental magic affinity, Kaede uses his wind magic to enhance his shows, bridging the gap from pure illusion to believable magic.  Outside of his shows, however, he doesn't use it much, except for minor dramatic flair.

- Earth Magic -
Learned on a dare to improve his act, a magic that now adds to his title of Dancer under the fallen leaves. He uses this to aid in his shows, from creating blossoms  and scattering the petals, to having the autumn leaves dance around the stage, in a whirl of wind. This is the only magic he has also learned to use in the rare circumstance that combat happens, for him-- he can create a wall to separate himself from his foes, and make a retreat.

- Knife play -
While far from a knife nut, Kaede knows how to handle a dagger-- another skill he learned to enhance his shows. he uses them to juggle in some shows, or to toss them at targets too, all to wow and excite the crowd. He's certainly nimble enough to use them, though, if no other thing will work.

Kaede looks a lot like his brothers, That much is for certain. He shares their same silvery-grey hair, same tails behind him, even the same number as his older brother. His eyes, however, are different, being a soft brown. He commonly goes out and about in his dancing costume, full of tassels and flowing clothes, easy to move in, and shows just the right amount of skin to show off.

Kaede, in a word, is a flirt. His goal is to have everyone have a good time and put up their worries, and sometimes that means... unwinding. He is, however, serious about his shows, and tries his hardest to weave a good story. He cannot also resist an audience, even if it means making an impromptu show. However, his... other exploits have managed to get him in trouble. Usually by not asking for marital status when asking someone if they'd like to go to an "after-show private session." Even then, his first response to a thing like that is asking them if they'd like to join in!

Growing up at the same village that Hiro and Sora did, Kaede started by learning dance and song from others in the village, quickly coming under the tutelage of another Kitsune who taught him the intricacies of Dancing with illusions, and weaving a tale with it. After that, and when he was old enough to go out, he did just that, earning coin as a dancer for inns and the like. Soon enough, he learned more tricks, including Earth magic, and soon became a minor celebrity.

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