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Percy Oaksword

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Note: I agreed to take Percy off the hands of thatguy on the condition I'm allowed to make some tweaks and updates, so this is simply a remastered version of his character.

Character's Name: Percy Marius Oaksword
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Abilities: Able to quickly calm people down, has a steady sword arm, good at reading people, charismatic
Appearance: He has wavy golden and dark blonde hair with grey eyes. He stands tall at 6’4, weighing a sturdy 200 pounds. He is incredibly well built.
Personality: Percy is upbeat and honest, a kindly young man who goes out of his way to help the people.
Relations: Married to Hadrian Oaksword, and loyal to his Lord, the nobleman Castro Ceasian
Residence: A small but cozy home in Redstone Keep, where he lives with his spouse.
History: Born Percy Marius Morley, the son of a young knight and his wife, percy grew up to be a kind-hearted and gentle lad. In his adolescence, he was scripted to squirehood in the service of a local lord. As he grew older, he rose through the ranks, eventually attaining an esteemed knighthood as his father did before him, bringing honor to his family. Through his time in the military, he met Hadrian Oaksword, the son of a nobleman and his wife, a fellow knight-in-arms in service. The two would court and marry, and are now trying to start a family.

(As this is my first character, although he isn't strictly mine, I think this belongs hereSmile
Roleplay Sample: Walking the dusty road, a thin, dark-tanned, older man with a walking stick whistled a tune as he went. His back was bent with age, his hair almost gone. The city that was his destination was several miles up the road, and he was tired, but he didn't slow, nor did he stop whistling. Grettl was determined to be cheery on his trek- there was no point being upset over what he couldn't control, he reasoned. Grettl had been the village storyteller for many years, and before that, he was a traveling bard, back when his voice was young and smooth like honey, and his legs were strong and travel-ready.

When his home had caught fire that night, he had been asleep. It was his dear wife, Morriot that woke him, with her nightgown brought up over her nose to filter out the smoke. By the time they were both outside, the entire village was alight. It was too small to have its own fire brigade, and too far from any mapped settlement to rely on help. Those that escaped their homes huddled in the square while they watched their homes and livelihoods disappear before their eyes. Morriot would pass early that morning, before dawn. Her long-failing lungs could not handle the smoke they had inhaled. With no village left, the residents salvaged what they could and left on foot, or on donkey- or horse-back, heading north along the river to Redstone Keep, the biggest settlement nearby, where many folks had family who would take them in. Like the others who had lost loved ones in the flames, Grettl had to stay behind to bury his wife, and was, in fact, the last one on the road. With no horse or donkey to his name, he simply walked. The fresh memory of his wife's passing troubled and pained him the whole way, but he tried to remain positive.

Along the road, the thunder of hooves rumbled- a patrol of knights rode up behind Grettl, rearing to a stop when they reached his position. The blond-haired knight at the head of the party looked down at him for a moment, then back at his men. In a few words, he sent them along ahead of him, and then he dismounted his horse.
To Grettl, the stranger said, "Where are you heading, my merry old friend?"
Grettl replied, "To Redstone keep, sir. I have only what you see before you, and I will not trouble your journey." He was quite perplexed as to why the knight had stopped.
The stranger introduced himself, "I am Sir Percy Oaksword. I am traveling to Redstone Keep as well, to my home. You look weary, unless I am mistaken. Would you care to ride for the rest of the way, with a young knight at your side to defend you? I ask only for the wizened tales of experience in recompense."
Taken aback by such a kindness from a man in such a lofty position, Grettl hesitantly accepted. When he had mounted, Sir Percy took the horses reins and began to walk the road, leading the horse after him. On the back of a strong warhorse, the road was much easier to traverse for the elder gentleman. In addition, the kind young knight happily drank up the old bard's tales of glorious ancient heroes and some oral traditions detailing the history of mankind and its deeds. To so open a person, Grettl eventually laid bare his own recent tragedy, allowing the knight to weep with him for his misfortune and loss. When they reached the gate to the city, Grettl was loath to part company with Sir Percy, but there they parted anyway. Although to Percy this was a simple, fleeting encounter with no great significance, the old storyteller would remember such a simple, kind deed.

Perhaps Percy will walk into a tavern someday to find such a story being told about himself, immortalized forever by a single motion of care for an otherwise lonely old man.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Profile.
Please post your character to the Add Characters to Guide thread to have your character added to the Character Directory.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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