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CharafterName: Lunula Stone

Nicknames: The Wanderer, Nialle's Oracle, The Vessel Of Magic.

Age:  250

Gender: Female

Species: Kitsune[Oracle Of Nialle]


Gate Magic: This was an ability given to her as a token of a great faith of Nialle, once she became the next Oracle of the Kitsunes she obtain this power. Using an extensive arsenal of spells each one is called upon the user and is formed in magic circles that leviate around or infront of the palm of the user. Using this magic she is able to form elemental spells, a few supporting spells along with a spell which is more so a last resort that really causes destruction to areas it's impacted to.

Telekinesis + Telepathy:The two skills both go in correlation of her massive intellectual state, she has been seeking knowledge about the gods along with general things in the world her entire life, it's an ability inherited by parents where she has the power to read minds along with lift objects. She isn't able to lift over things that are enormous unless she is provoked to however even so this power can strain her body internally. Using her telepathy she is into able to read the minds of pure of heart easily yet with permission, getting into the minds of evil is fairly difficult and causes one to have much patience and discipline when trying to obtain control.

[Image: MgLtaBb.jpg]
[Image: Lwnah3j.jpg]
When she was first born her parents knew there was something off putting about her, she never smiled, in every picture and in every video she appeared expressionless only gazing upon those in a neutral stare. Lunula isnt much of a conversationalists as she enjoys to explore alone so she isn't staying at one place for long, even encountering her can sometimes seem rare as she is only seen in crisis or in times of where she may relax in the calm subtle springs. She enjoys life to the fullest even though she doesn't show much emotion her feelings are their through her own actions.

Once she became the Oracle of Nialle she was more so became strict and none-friendly to those who aren't of good in heart which is why she isn't one to make friends so easily unless they have the time to hear her rant on and on about why she thinks your irrelevant. Though she does have a soft spot, for Kitsunes and Angels, as throughout her time of struggle those were the creatures who helped through everything so they have her gratitude.

Long ago, a new born came to the world of antarsia, it was no one other than Lunula a Kitsune gifted with the power to become stronger without the use of gaining tails, it was a genetic mutation which allowed her to freely improve with not looking too much like her Kitsune lineage. She awakened as an unexpressive baby not really liking people as they tried many times to make her smile yet she did not. 20 years past and as she got older she remained with the appearance of a child which was not her intention. She normally would play by herself making dolls out of twigs anf branches she would then starte to slightly tap into her magical abilities by moving a glass cup which opened her eyes to the gods and thoughts of they're capabilities. As she got old enough to travel alone she would begin to go on many adventures to find scrolls or tattered pages of what the gods were and how they made this beloved world, the words were just rumors but she got the basic understanding of it all.

She found it just intriguing, yet she still reviled the myriads of trouble causing creatures that roamed the lands of antarsia as they would brutally hurt her whenever they had they chance however she was disciplined and courageous taking every hit like it was nothing. One day as they approached her again she tapped into her magical power through Intense anger levitating near by boulder she spoke to them inside they're heads warning them to leave her alone or she'll attack without hesitation. Logically the creatures ran away afraid of her at this point. So for many more years she trained herself flabbergasted on how exactly she even obtained such a power which was primarily inherited by her parents.

Afterwards she got a better understanding of her abilities in which then the moment she'd never expect to happen, happened. The Goddess Nialle choosed her, to be her Oracle through not only her vast knowledge of the gods but her willingness to defend herself and her kind from danger constantly as she has been rather reckless in her attempt to protect her other kitsune companions. She know roams antarsia looking for what lies in this world, the knowledge she seeks is infinite.

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