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Name: Marik Silee

Nicknames: None, although he quietly requests that you please not call him Mar. Please.

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Species: Kelahati (Spider)

Marik is a little short, standing at only 5’8”, and has dark hair and tanned skin. He seems to be hunched over, if only a little, whenever you look at him, and how he doesn’t look like a cave mushroom is a mystery, what with all the corners he’s always hiding in. His eyes would be dead black, if they weren’t almost always soft and with some, tiny spark hiding in them.

Of course, these aren’t the things most people notice about him. The first thing would be the arms, all six of them. He has no trouble moving them independently, probably because the gods thought it would be boring to give someone a bunch of arms and then watch them walk around only using two because that was all they could handle. Aside from the arms, though, there’s another sign of his nature. He wears a headband, and underneath it are three pairs of eyes. They’re human, but they’re pretty disconcerting to see, which is part of why he keeps them covered. The other part is just practical. After all, nobody likes it when their hair gets in their eyes, do they?

Marik is a decent hand at making or altering clothes, mostly because, if you have six arms, you start realizing very quickly that your other options are spend excessive amounts of money to get things adjusted or tear holes in all your clothes.

He also has a fair amount of healing magic, which he inherited from his parents. Thanks to their tutelage, he’s pretty good with it, although his skill lies mostly in the reconstruction area. He can destroy or protect, but it’s far more exhausting as he uses large amounts of magic to make up for his lack of skill.

Like all Kelahati, he’s also a shapeshifter.  HIs spider form is that of a recluse, and he uses it when he needs to be unseen. While he’s pretty sure that his bite is poisonous, under most circumstances, he wouldn’t even think of biting anyone, although, per parental instruction, he keeps a vial of it that he’s managed to extract, just in case.

There are rumors that, somewhere in his bloodline, lies the ability to wield a far, far darker magic. He has no idea what this would be, and honestly, why would he want to use anything like that? Honestly, when he thinks about that possibility, he’s terrified of that kind of power.

Marik is also able to create webbing, and it emerges from small slits on his underarms. He’s got some amount of control over what kind comes out, such as whether or not it’s sticky, and primarily uses it as thread when he needs to stitch something or someone up.

Marik is a shy individual, and he seems reluctant to talk to anyone new. He has a tendency to hang around in corners if he has to go anywhere, which means lately, corners in several inns on Katakarthia have developed severe cases of Spooderboi. He speaks softly and has a tendency to look like he’s expecting someone to jump out of the shadows and stab him.

However, this has a tendency to change when he has somebody who he has decided to treat. He’s still gentle, but he’s far more firm, and woe betide anybody who tries to get in the way of said patient getting better.

Marik comes from a quiet little village in Katakarthia, a peaceful place where species mixed without much conflict, where one of his mothers worked as the village’s general healer, and the other tended a small garden and convinced the local spiders not to get in people’s hair too much.

If pressed, he’ll tell people all about his mothers and his older sister, and he almost seems to become just a bit more relaxed when talking about them. If asked why he left, however, he shuts down completely, and he refuses to say. If he’s particularly desperate to get away, he’ll tell whoever is asking that he’s looking for someone. If that doesn’t satisfy them, they can always follow until he finds them. Nobody’s taken him up on that so far.

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Oh my god I love him I'm gonna smooch this lil' spider man

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