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[Image: New_Tahirra.png]

Character's Name:







Pure Form: 5 inches

Human Form: 5'7"


Pure Form: Weightless

Human Form: 124 lbs


Pure Form: Genderless

Solid Forms: Female


Spirit Elemental


Like any and all spirit elementals, the girl is able to shift her body into many forms that exist; whether it be in the shape of an animal or even a humanoid creature. There isn't much she isn't able to turn herself into. Taahira does have her favorite forms to change into, all bearing her coloration; though none bearing the marks upon her human form body.

Her magic in her is as of any elemental, perhaps not the most control but certainly powerful as a spirit elemental's should be. Yet, she very rarely finds herself in much need of using it, preferring to flee from sight rather than get involed with any violence that may come at her. Taahira never really has cared to fight, or cause harm, even as a child growing into the woman she is today.

In regards to her flight response when in danger, she is able to move her body in slight burts of teleportation; taking her form from one area to another. These areas are usually in range of where she may be, but far enough away to make an escape if possible. Also easily used if wanting to get out of an uncomfortable situation, perhaps a gentleman getting far to close to her than she herself would want.

When all else fails, and fleeing is not something she can easily do; she can manifest a a mist. She can easily control it the the subtle motions of her hands and easily enter the lungs of her attackers. From there, she can absorb life force from their very bodies, with no way of them being able to stop it if they tried. This is only on emergency occasions; longer use can overwhelm her body and drain her own her own energy.


Calm: An air of calm surrounds her entire being, able to take an situation with stride and ease. No matter how dangerous it may be. To keep a collected mind is always needed.

Social: There is nothing more she enjoys that being around others, no matter their race. Being able to shift into any form makes it quite easy to socialize with many beings of the land around her.

Gentle: Taahira is a gentle being by nature, never finding the need to harm another creature. Though, she fears even trying, as her abilities with magic could cause great harm.

Quiet: Tends to be more on the quiet side, unless she is spoken to first, she will keep mostly to herself. Though she does love to meet others, but will listen more than anything else.


Taahira was some of the first to wonder out of the forest to find more in life. Though, she'd spent much time in the forest at the start, growing herself stronger as to be able to wonder the world outside the forests of Katakarthia. Once she was ready, she left the comforts of what was once home; leaving all behind that surely held her back.

She spent many years wandering the lands, meeting and getting to know creatures of all kinds. Of course, in the forms of those creatures, rather than her pure form. It is much easier to gain the trust and learn from others when you look like them, yes? Of course it is. The more she learned, explored, and enjoyed; the more she found herself enjoying and even loving the lives of mortal and non-mortal alike creatures. One species in specific, were humans. Their lives were short, but they  lived them with as much joy in their hearts as any other creatures in the world.

Taahira enjoys the life she is living now, being around the most interesting of people and doing something beautiful as well; entertaining others with dance.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

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Please post your character to the Add Characters to Guide thread o have your character added to the Character Directory.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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