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Qet-Ptah of the Talon

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[Image: ZQBGKAK.png]
Art by Furrirama!

Character's Name:
Qet-Ptah of the Talon
[Khet - ptah]





Anger - If emotions were an ability, this would be Qet's. He's constantly got something to bitch about, and one little thing can and will set him off.

Explosive - He has a knack for making explosives. Bombs, flash grenades, if it explodes, he can make it.

Dirty Fighting - There's no honor among thieves. Qet will kick you in the balls and lop off your head while you're down. No blow is too low.

Alchemy - More of a hobby than anything, Qet enjoys making potions. Most of these are poisons, and if he offers you a drink, don't take him up on it.

Agility - Like the rest of his species, Qet is fast and agile. This is great for when he has to make a quick exit.

Hot-headed - If you look at him wrong, Qet will get angry. His anger is blinding and powerful, and he's got a short fuse to boot. Even slight offenses will trigger his anger, and if he socially cannot be hostile, prepare for a barrage of inconveniences. He's just that petty. And not above pooping in your shoes.

Grumpy - When not engaged in bar brawls, Qet is overall grumpy and unpleasant to be around. He generally prefers to do everything alone, and idle chitchat is at the bottom of his priorities. He likes to scare people off with a curled lip and a growl; a warning that's best taken. He's not quite sure what to do when shown genuine kindness.

Ruthless - Mercy is not a word in Qet's vocabulary. To challenge him in combat is to engage in a fight to the death. Even his tongue is sharp, and insults fly freely. He's kind of a dick. He takes great enjoyment in targeting one's weaknesses, physically and mentally, and will exploit them without remorse.

Dishonest - Qet will spin lie after lie to get what he wants. He'll use these lies to exploit the good will of others. He thinks charitable people are fools just waiting to be taken advantage of, and has lured many a poor soul to their deaths down alleyways. It's advised not to trust anything he says.

Paternal? - Qet's only redeeming quality seems to be that he has a soft spot for children of any species. He will literally steal candy to give to babies. This extends, in part, to pregnant females. Culturally, for him, children are important, and their upbringing is top priority.

Qet was born and raised in the Nkazon Desert, where he was raised to be the strongest he could be. The weak had no business living, and that was his life. One of his littermates, a sister, was killed for being too weak when she fell ill and never quite recovered.

As soon as he was old enough, Qet challenged his pack's leader to Grr’dhe Grraan. And failed miserably. It was considered lucky that he wasn't killed for his arrogance, but Qet was so ashamed of his failure that he left home, essentially banishing himself from his pack.

It didn't take Qet long before he heard whispers of a group called The Silver Fang, and he joined up. If his skills were to be put to use, he might as well make a living off it.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

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Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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