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Tethys Frostholo

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[Image: 8ChHwTb.png]
Art by Pixel-pup!

Character's Name:
Tethys [Tēthús]

Teth, Tethy



Dragon | Wyvern

Dragon Form - Tethys can freely shift between his human and dragon form. His wyvern form has clawed wings that act like paws, and his scales glitter beautifully.

Frost Breath - Rather than breathing fire, Tethys breathes frost and ice.

Cold Resistance - Tethys' elemental affinity has given him resistance to the cold. He wears less layers than usual, and even while shirtless he's completely fine. The cold never bothered him, anyway.

Ice Magic - Tired in with his element, Tethys is extremely skilled with his ice magic. He can make it snow, build weapons of ice, and freeze the air around him to bone-chilling temperatures. Because of his magic, Tethys is almost always sparkling in some way, and he can even make jewelry from his ice that will never melt.

Athletics - Tethys is extremely fit. He spends most of his time in human form engaged in some manner of physical activity. He's strong, flexible, and agile.

Independent - Tethys has been on his own for a long while now. As such he's self sufficient, and prefers to handle things on his own. This is a double-edged sword, as Tethys is loathe to admit when he needs help. He's generally fine with this, and takes it as an opportunity to learn how to work out his own problems. This isn't to say he dislikes the company of others--it's just that he has his own pace in which he does things, and his own methods as well. His life experiences have also made him rather prone to giving advice, be it wanted or not.

Passionate - No one can say that Tethys is an unfeeling man. He tackles everything with immense passion, and this can be a little overwhelming, as some of his passion rolls over into dramatic theatrics. His emotions can often rule him, but he is capable of applying logic and reasons to his arguments--just expect a lot of raised, passionate arguments. He takes on new tasks with enthusiasm.

Arrogant - The most important person in Thethys' world is... Tethys. He considers himself better, faster, smarter than anyone else. Especially his students. At least he's subtle in his arrogance? Silver lining.

Critical - As an instructor, Tethys has a critical eye. He can pick out a flaw in an instant. That one grin of brown rice in a sack of white rice? Noticed. Didn't bend your elbow ten degrees for that pose? Oh, he noticed. And he'll help you correct it. He teaches with a firm, gentle hand, and takes great interest in his students and their progress. Unfortunately, he always has something to say under his breath, mostly about how lackluster his ordered costumes are. He's had ten tailors quit on him this year.

Secretive - Tethys is a man of secrets. He travels around with his students entertaining the masses... and spying for The Silver Fang. In fact, spying isn't the only thing he does. Tethys isn't above the occasional assassination, not that anyone will ever know, with the exception of a few of his prized students. He's very good at keeping up his front, and a little lie here or there is nothing.

Manipulative Charismatic - Tethys can charm and sweet talk a man 'til he's been convinced to give Tethys the clothes on his back and anything that isn't nailed down. He can be incredibly persuasive when it suits him, and he knows many ways to get what he wants. Threats are a last resort.

Flirtatious - Tethys is fond of a good time, and he has a even greater fondness for flirting. Men, women, and anyone in between are targets for his sugared tongue and honeyed lips.

Tethys was born in the Naminoishi Mountain Range just north of Nowhere. Where's Nowhere, you ask? Abso-fucking-lutly nowhere. Growing up, Tethys had little to see but rock, snow, and ice. Oh, and a little town called Yfrelo. Which is less of a town and more of a city, filled to the brim with mages.

Now, one can imagine that being a young wyvern full of curiosity and vigor would find it difficult to grow up in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. And you'd be absolutely right! Tethys and his siblings were always up to no good, and were fond of games like "how close can we get to the city before mom catches us" and "divebomb the humans". This was, obviously, a problem for their mother, who just wanted to raise her clutch without the added fear of humans coming to raid their nest. But the more curious the children got, the harder they were to control.

"You want to experience the humans?" His mother asked, "Then we shall live among them."

So Tethys and his siblings were taught how to take their human forms, and thy were dragged kicking and screaming to live in Yfrelo. It wasn't a terrible life, and Tethys adjusted more than his siblings to the mundane day to day life of humans. In fact...

Tethys embraced it.

He found that he made quite an attractive human, and took to wooing young mages that attended the college. Of course, Tethys knew magic himself, but plying the doe-eyed magicless sort made it easier to bed many a fine man. His dancing didn't hurt, either. Of course, staying in one place was immensely boring, so he set out to explore Sleibte.

He later set up a traveling school for dancers.
Though rumor has it this doubles as a front for recruiting for The Silver Fang.

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