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Adrianna Zidane

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Character's Name:
Adrianna Zidane




Pren Elf, Human, Mimic.
Adrianna has been afflicted with the Mimic's Curse, and doesn't remember what her true form is.
Human and elven forms are what she's most comfortable in.

Shapeshifting - Adrianna is able to change her form in any way she sees fit. Eye color, hair color, height, weight, her body is her canvas. While she uses this ability to make herself more beautiful, Adrianna is not above morphing herself a set of mighty sharp claws for use on self defense.

Mimicry - She can easily mimic the form and abilities of anyone she sees, though she must be given enough time to study them. A quick transformation results in flaws, while a more lengthy one will result in her becoming a near perfect copy.

The basics of her appearance can change at the drop of a hat, if she so desires, but the most this often applies to is eye color and hair color and texture, though she'll use it to make herself more appealing in other ways, too.

Adrianna stands at a height of 5'5" and weighs about 130 pounds. She has a small frame with curves in all the right places, with a small amount of chub. With narrow shoulders and an hourglass figure, she considers herself very beautiful. She has a small mole atop the left breast, which she considers to be a beauty mark, and it's one of her favorite things about herself. She's proud of her body, and only works as hard as she has to to maintain her figure. With a fair, peachy complexion, with a dusting of freckles on her cheeks, Adrianna prefers to stay out of the sun. Her eyes are a bright olive green most of the time, but she changes them to compliment her outfits.

She prefers to keep her hair long, generally allowing it to grow to waist length. While usually possessing a very wavy texture, she has been known to straighten it. Her bangs are short, and all it takes is a simple shift in her part the can either sweep to one side of her face or lay flat against her forehead. The color is what's constantly changing. Lately, Adrianna's been on a red kick, opting to color her hair a rich burgundy color with almost purple undertones and brighter red highlights. She has been known to go all shades of blonde, brown, and black. As far as accessories go, she prefers sparkly to non. She has her ears pierced, and loves to wear teardrop earrings. Her collection of hair accessories is fairly small, with some flower pins, jeweled berets, and clips. She likes her necklaces to really sparkle, and has a relatively even number of short and long necklaces for just about every occasion.

Her wardrobe consists of a lot of cute clothes. She loves strapless short dresses, with ruffles, lace, and bows, and can be found wearing them a lot in spring and summer months. If it exposes her chest or hugs her curves, she owns it.

Social - Adrianna loves people. A social butterfly, she loves to be the center of attention. In fact, she hates being alone so much that she'll often seek out the company of others just by going to local businesses and browsing their wares. She has a friendly personality, and is very eager to please others. The more liked she feels, the more worth she feels her life has. While she has a good sense of humor and good manners, some can find Adrianna to be a little high maintenance.

Self Conscious - Keenly aware of others, Adrianna has a need to be socially accepted. While she can mask her anxieties most of the time, Adrianna is still incredibly self conscious of herself, her action, and other others see her. She desperately seeks approval, and will do just about anything to get it. Perhaps this is why she's always changing how she looks? The woman is in need of some serious confidence boosters.

Hard Working - Adrianna is very hard working when it comes to doing what she loves. She puts her all into her hobbies; gardening, cooking (please don't eat her cooking), modeling, sex, she gives it her all. Even if she's doing something menial, like cleaning, Adrianna will do her best to impress. She'd hate to let someone down, after all.

Gentle - She's a gentle, kindhearted soul who dislikes most conflict. This has, on many occasions, earned her a reputation as a bit of a doormat. Her need to please people leaves her putting herself second, and others first. This is something she's working on, and being more assertive can be a challenge for her. It takes a lot to make Adrianna angry or uncomfortable to the point where she'll actually act out in frustration.

Provocative - Adrianna is incredibly provocative. Not in her political views or anything, but rather how she dresses and acts. She's a courtesan, through and through, and her body is how she advertises herself. She knows what gets men--and women--going, and knows exactly how to get them wrapped around her little finger. She dresses herself in the finest of clothes, because what better way to draw attention to her attributes than with clothes and accessories?

Lost - She's at a crossroads in life, unsure of what she wants to do with her life. Being a courtesan is all she knows, and while she doesn't want to continue in this life of work forever, she doesn't know what she wants to do. She's a little resigned to her life at this point, but Adrianna is still willing to try most things once until she learns what she wants to do.

Adrianna was born to a pren elf? and...a human? At least she thinks her mother was a human. She doesn't quite remember. See, her mother left when Adrianna was three, and the only remnants were some jewelry she left behind. This left Adrianna's father rather protective of her, and she was very much under his thumb. Who she talked to, what she did, when she did it, it was all up to her father. She constantly had to check in with him, and eventually it became such a strain on their relationship that Adrianna left and never looked back.

Knowing she was a mimic from a young age, Adrianna turned her skills to sex to make a living. At first she started out as a simple prostitute, working on the street, but as she entered the cities, she learned that brothels were a much better alternative.

And now the Foxden is hiring. It's her lucky day!

She hopes.



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