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The Mourning After

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Characters involved: Aerithe, Hiro
Setting: Prerio City
Time: Early morning, Haliea 25th
Weather: Overcast

Hiro stretched in his bed. He hadn't opened his eyes yet, taking the time to feel how comfortable his bed was. As nice as traveling is, a good bed can make you feel more rested than ever before. "Good morning, Aerithe--" He said, finally sitting up, only to find a messy bed where his traveling companion had been when they went to bed. "Good grief, off already, and didn't wake me up? She'll probably be waiting, I better hurry." He said to himself, Stretching again and forcing himself to get dressed finally.

Walking out of the inn, and paying for their room. (His treat, as he had promised when they got in,) He started to notice something odd about the day. Mainly, the sort of gossip that was flowing that day.

"Another Oracle dead, and this time, right in the square! Here!"
"I saw the whole thing-- Poor girl, What a way to go."
"Do you think the gods are gonna tire of killing their oracles and go for us instead...?"

Hiro felt a pit in his stomach, a bubbling rock of fear, but quickly dashed it. Aerithe must have been kept back because of all this gossip downtown. That must be it. If she was an oracle, she'd have told him, wouldn't she? Sure, they've been only traveling for a few weeks, but with all this business with the oracles, for sure she'd tell him if she was an Oracle.

... right?

Still unable to completely quell the fears, Hiro moved toward town square. There had to be a description of this Oracle. That way he could put these fears to rest and continue traveling with Aerithe. He had to. They'd for sure have a big laugh about this. Because she's not dead. She couldn't be, because she's not the Oracle. at all.

There it was, the noticeboard for the town. and sure enough, there was the big notice about the Third Oracle dead. Hiro squeezed his way through the crowd eager to see the news. The crowd reeked of fear and unease, but there was also morbid curiosity-- even for the most stubborn in their disbelief in gods, these had to be interesting news.

Hiro read the notice.

And his world shattered.

"... Aerithe?"

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