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Referral Program 2018

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Here on Antarsia we know each and every member is important in our ever growing family. We value the time and effort people put into either advertising for the site or mentioning their friends to come stop by! To show our appreciation, we have our Referral Program. There are different tiers based on how many members you bring in, but also for each member who joins and uses you as a referral!

How does it work?

For every member that puts your name as their referrer, both the referrer and referred person will receive 200 gold. No matter how many times you bring someone in, that will be an amount you receive every time per member. For example, if you get five to even sign up and try our site, that is 1,000 gold to spend in the shop. To encourage activity, if the referred member becomes active in the site and stays for six months staff will give both parties an additional 500 gold.


5 referrals - An extra 1,000 gold!
10 referrals - Any item from the shop!
15 referrals - Auto-plot position! (Your character will be accepted automatically if you apply for a plot position so long as staff doesn't see any problems with the app.)
20 referrals - Ability to create a royal from any species excluding Tarsians!
30 referrals - Custom artwork from Achera! This can be
40 referrals - Ability to create the limited release tarsian!
50 referrals - Favor from a god!

There are also tiers to how many members you bring in. For every five members you bring in, we are willing to give you a 1000 gold. Now this offer is for anyone, member or staff!

How to Claim

To claim a referral, you must have the person who you referred post on this thread. They must state that you were their referrer and that’s it! Staff will add the gold to your account afterwards or contact you about your reward if you unlocked a new tier. If you have gained a new reward such as an auto-plot position, it will be logged in the Item Tracker that you have it for use.

Disclaimer: People who are found cheating will be disqualified from participating in this. Depending on the severity, gold and tier rewards may be stripped as well.

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Should I mention here that Avarice (as you know him) referred me here? I specified that when I signed up for a membership to the site, but I figured I should cover my bases, for his benefit, if this is required.



Kila was my referrer ❤️️

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