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Blake Cruor'lavaec

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[Image: tumblr_oz4pethqcU1sr8xnbo1_540.png]

Character's Name: Blake Cruor'lavaec
(Kroor-lah-vash; blood of lava)

Age: 12,360

Gender: Male

Species: Western Dragon

Strength. Blake is an extremely large and powerful dragon with the muscle to match. Most physical feats are effortless to him.
Defense. Due to his mass and thick, rock-like scales, Blake is very capable of taking hits, as well as surviving in very harsh environments.
Magma. Instead of fire, Blake has magma coursing through him under his scales. It can flow out of his mouth or vents in his scales as lava. Because of the heat created by the magma, he can still effectively breathe fire.
Shapeshifting. As a dragon, Blake can shapeshift into a human form. With a bit more effort, he can create a half-human half-dragon appearance.

Blake is a massive dragon, approximately 60 feet tall at the shoulder and 80 feet long including his tail. His enormous leather wings create a wingspan approximately three times as long as his main body. Bulky and muscular with thick, stone-like scales, Blake is naturally extremely heavy, more than 40 tons. He looks much like the inside of a volcano because of his black, rocky scales that are broken in many places with crack-like vents that reveal magma flowing under his leathery skin. His spine and appendages are lined with long, metal-like spikes.

The anatomy of his body is somewhat crocodilian, with fat limbs angled a bit outward and vaguely hand-shaped claws. His neck is long, as is his snout, which protrudes from an angular, spiked head. Blake's wings are largely like a bat's, sprouting from his shoulders and lined with a leathery membrane that connects along his sides and partway along his tail. The dragon's eyes are small in comparison to his head and look like orbs of fire, even emitting a bit of a glow.

As a human, Blake has a much less monstrous appearance. 6'2" tall and 220 pounds, he is only fairly large for a man. His frame is square and heavy with broad shoulders and proud posture. He has light tan skin with some scarring on his body.

Blake has a strong, square jaw, heavy brows, and a log, somewhat crooked nose. In this form, his eyes are hazel, but his pupils are more oval than a normal human's. His ears are somewhat longer than average and pointed, which can also be said of his teeth; both traits hint toward his true form. His hair is a dark brown and cut very close to the scalp.

Perhaps expected of a dragon of his stature, Blake likes to dress like a noble. He always looks very well kept and decorated, with expensive clothing and accessories. He is fond of capes, fur, and leather, and will usually be seen wearing at least one of these things in any given outfit.

Cunning. Blake is very intelligent and good at thinking things through. Patient, he does not mind taking the time to consider options and making plans in order to make sure he gets his way and avoids hardships. He is manipulative and clever, with a silver tongue and a mastery of charm that he employs to trap people into doing his will. In his many years he has grown talented at securing what he wants and leaving others none the wiser until it's too late.

Ruthless. Sentimental things such as morals are of no concern to Blake. The lives of others are not important to him, especially if they cannot be used for his own benefit. Though he is good at feigning a charming character, in reality he has no qualm about harming others, able to kill without a second thought. Prone to anger, his violent temper is dangerous once his patience finally runs out, and he can be very destructive- especially in dragon form. There is nothing and no one he considers too sacred or valuable to spare should he decide to lash out. Even when calm, his selfish plans can often be deadly to anyone in his way.

Greedy. An old and successful dragon, Blake is used to having his way and getting anything he desires. When he decides that something should be his, in his mind it instantly becomes his, and he is determined to claim it. Of course, with all the wealth he has deemed his own, he has nothing to spare for others; in his opinion only he is deserving of everything he's got, and he has earned it- the only way anyone else should have what he has is over his dead body. Nothing is ever enough; the more he has, the more he desires.

Blake was born early in Antarsia's life, from one of the volcanoes he now dominates. The beast of magma grew and became powerful over thousands of years, striking out in the world to pillage and gather things to create his now massive hoard. Over time, he became infamous, especially in north Sleibte where he resides. He made his home in the Eye of Jakroth, which he continues to defend fiercely.

His most prized possession is a phoenix that he charmed and captured just more than two hundred years before the present time. This phoenix, named Keira, became the mother of his two sons, Mark and James. Blake eventually chased Mark off for his defiance and what Blake perceived as weakness, but he continues to use Keira and James as pawns- Keira as little more than a pretty decoration and slave to his lust, and James as a scout and minion to explore and steal when Blake cannot or does not want to.

In present times, Blake usually keeps to his home in the mountains, rarely venturing out even in his human form. His infamy has died down to legend as he is so rarely seen or heard except by explorers who do not live to tell the tale.

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Congratulations, your character has been APPROVED!

Your character will be moved to the Character Profile.
Please post your character to the Add Characters to Guide thread o have your character added to the Character Directory.

Thank you, and happy roleplaying!

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