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Cain "Rouge" Dixon

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Art by Pixel-pup!

Character's Name:
Cain Dixon





Energy Conversion - Cain can convert potential energy into kinetic energy. Translation? He can blow things up with his mind. Thankfully he doesn’t have the best control of the mind part yet, so Cain often has to touch an object for it to be made explosive. The size of the explosion is proportionate to the size of the object. The bigger the item, the bigger the boom.

Pyrokinesis - Cain is great with fire magic, which is good for the people around him because of his knack for carelessly starting fires. This occurs with regular frequency, and honestly he probably spends more time putting out fires than actually manipulating them. It's a real problem.

Enhanced Senses - Like all Sol'tera, Cain has great eyesight, hearing, and a killer sense of smell.

Physical Endurance - Like the rest of his race, Cain is strong, fast, and powered by the sun.

Luck Eater - He has the unusual ability to steal the luck of other people, or give his his to them. He can even choose which luck he steals, good or bad. To steal your luck, all he has to do is touch someone, skin to skin contact. This is, admittedly, his favorite ability. It lets him cheat in cards.

Cain is an interesting man. He detests going by his given name, Cain, and insists on being called by his nickname, Rouge. He is a social fellow, and is naturally drawn to parties and cookouts. He adores cooking for such events, since food brings people together. His tastes are...eccentric to some, and the spicier the food is, the better, and he's even known for carrying around his own blend of spices for use at any time. He's fond of a good stiff drink with friends

He's fast to make friends, and likes to keep his friends close. While not a people pleaser, Cain will do his best to keep the people he deems friends happy. He has a large soft spot for women, and will try to woo them even if they're taken. He lives for the challenge. This soft spot doesn't just stop at pretty women. Cain likes men, too, and he has stolen them from women on a few occasions.

While not vain, Cain does have his fair share of flaws. Despite being a social person, if he grows tired of his current company, Cain will simply wander off in search of new entertainment, even in the middle of conversation. Especially if he dislikes the people he's with. He is loud and boisterous, particularly when drunk. He also has quite the gambling problem. Cain doesn't know when to quit, even when losing. He has to be pulled away in order to get him to stop. Too bad it's only a quick fix. Cain will always go back for more, and he hates losing with a passion. He also has a habit of sweetening the bet, which might be why he also has a thing for men...

Cain has a hot temper and a slow fuse. This is a dangerous combination, as little things can set him off if the conditions are just right. Being alone is his worst enemy. He needs to be with people, because when left to his own devices things tend to ignite unintentionally. He doesn't take shit from people, and is incredibly good at picking fights. He takes pride in his physical fitness, and boasts about his strength. Unfortunately he doesn't have the best control of his powers, and a lapse in concentration can cause things to ignite or explode.

A good liar and a smooth talker, Cain has a silver tongue that can get him out of trouble--and deft hands that pick the pockets of others. He's not above a few petty crimes, and his moral compass is more of a roulette wheel than an actual compass.

Cain was born to a pair of very wealthy parents. They were often too busy to care for him, and instead he had a nanny to tend to him. This wasn't something he minded, and he regarded the woman as a surrogate mother. She taught him much of the world and of his people. Eventually Cain's parents had a second child, a daughter. Shortly after her birth their mother died, and Cain's father began to dote on his sister. Acting out, he became a wild child who only minded his beloved nanny. Sadly, his nanny had to return home to care for her own ailing mother, and her departure crushed him. LEft with a father who he felt didn't care for him, Cain packed up his most treasured possessions and left home, never looking back.

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