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Shadows of War

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There weren't any more who eventually showed to the meeting, the small angel of life had -as elegantly as possibly- re-positioned herself to sit upon her own legs in the chair; finding it much easier to make better eye contact with the other royals around. It was a calm presence, at least at that moment, until the air grew a bit heavy and uneasy around it. The faint smell of blood only grew stronger as the lady of Light and her son made their way in; a weapon just on him even if no one else had them upon their person.

Her bright eyes lingered on them for a moment, one small had came up to cover her mouth and nose lightly; then she turned herself to look upon those who spoke. This was surprising, in all honesty, that the firs two were so inclined on wanting to end the war. It was something she herself had wanted as well, especially after the deaths of the last Lord and Lady of Life.

The small angel took a deep breath in, ignoring any hostile feelings that still lingered a bit in the air. "I also agree with both Eros and Abraham," she soft voice echoed through the room, "it's been going on far beyond what any war should ever be. How many have lost loved ones in the war? How many of those were just innocent beings who had nothing to do with this?"

Calista's small hands gripped the table in front of her, her body gently leaned forward as eyes gazed around to the others in the room. "It need not just be us, but others who want their people safe," she added on, "but Abraham is right though, if we want to talk peace, we need to know how to appeal to the opposite. I hope that any who might no agree can possibly come see that this is best. Not just for us, not just for them, but for all creatures that inhabit the lands of our world."

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