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Report Coding Bugs! - Kila - 05-16-2019

Hey y'all, here's where you can report coding bugs for us to fix!

Is an image broken? A color to hard to read? Is something buggy? Let us know here!

Please be as specific as possible when reporting a coding issue! Screenshots and links will definitely help us diagnose the problem!

Issues we're currently aware of:

  • Posts suddenly increase in width around halfway down the thread

RE: Report Coding Bugs! - Immortal Cyan - 05-23-2019

So, I am using the Default theme (the one that says DO NOT REMOVE) and I am running into an issue regarding links. I'll present one example of this happening. When I click on one of character page links in the original post of "The Magic of Dance", the site reverts me back to the Raise Hell theme. I've also noticed that when I click on the link, Chrome gives me a "Not Secure" tag and "https://" is not placed in front of "www".

Thanks in Advance!

RE: Report Coding Bugs! - Andromeda - 05-24-2019

Character links in that thread have all been edited and fixed Smile