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Bringing People back to Life - Andromeda - 03-29-2018

Three Oracles have died, all of them originating from Life herself. Rifts have begun to open as the Vikta from those three have begun to flow out into the open. The circle normally upheld by the balance of life and death, broken, unhinged by a force not even the dark gods could have foreseen.

These rifts that opened were created by the unusual surge of Vitka that had been channeled by one force. A force that remains unnamed, and unknown even to the gods. They set out to do the impossible. And that has been accomplished, the dead are rising from all across the world, and from all timespans. Soldiers that died in battle, mothers that died in childbirth, even children from starvation all have begun to rise. Their bodies restored by the gift of flowing Vikta from the deceased Life oracles.

Note for this section of the plot each member is allowed to bring back one free character. It can be someone related to a current character of yours or one that has nothing to do with anything and just someone you want to get involved with. These characters may not exactly remember how they died. Please fill out the form below so staff know which of these characters are free and do not need a purchase from the shop. If you want to bring back more than one, then you must pay the 9,500 Gold fee to buy the Life’s Tear for any additional ones after the first.

**Note: If you had a character die as a plot point you are allowed two free. One for the character you let us kill, and one free. To redeem the second, staff must have approved using the character for a plot point first.

Only real rule: You are not allowed to use this to create a first generation without specific staff permission. Staff doesn’t really want to see first generations on the site as they were known to be too powerful as the gods’ original creation.

Character’s name:
Free or Item:

RE: Bringing People back to Life - Andromeda - 03-29-2018

Name: Andromeda
Character’s name: Kerberos
Free or Item: Free

RE: Bringing People back to Life - Aquarius - 03-31-2018

Name: Aqaurius
Character’s name: Migantias Hoas
Free or Item: Free

RE: Bringing People back to Life - Achera - 05-23-2018

Name: Achera
Character’s name: Kora
Free or Item: Freeeeee

RE: Bringing People back to Life - Kila - 11-25-2018

Name: Kila
Character’s name: Aerithe
App: Beep Boop
Free or Item: Freeeeee bc she was killed for the plot

Editing bc I wanna bring another character back!

Name: Kila
Character’s name: Pherae Cloundbringer
App: None yet, but I'm working on it.

He's Aolani's brother, killed in the last major battle of the angel/demon war by Charlie. His pearl was offered up to Vaerath as an offering c:
Free or Item: Free!

RE: Bringing People back to Life - King Fury - 04-29-2019

Name: King Fury
Character’s name: Markell Dunebane
Free or Item: Free