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Ate-Feh - KokoPuffs - 01-30-2018

[Image: ate_feh_by_jangloo_dc1ojmy-pre.png?token...4BBRdti91E]

Character's Name:












Like all of the Or'rix kind, Ate-Feh is quick and agile;able to outrun others if need be and usually it's alway sneeded.

Hands-on Fighting:

She'll fuck up a bitch, whether it's with her teeth, claws, or a blade; you better what your back.

Potion Brewing:

Something she'd come to enjoy at some point, but unlike those who sell them for money; Ate will usually keep them for herself. Making them of any reason or kind, using them for herself or perhaps her brother. Her favorites are potions that can eat through locks and metals, making some home robbery so much easier.

Silver Tongue:

Probably one of her better abilities, mostly because it'll get both her and her brother out of some really dumb situations. Especially with his grumpy attitude.



This personality trait goes hand in hand with her silver tongue, if she isn't stealing the things from your pockets; she may be able to talk you out of them. On a good day she might even be able to talk you out of your clothes, but no one wants that. She'll be flirtatious with anyone she may find in value for her, at least when it comes to the things they own; jewelry being on of her favorite things.


Ate is almost still like a pup, even though she is of teenage age. She loved to rough house, bite, and play just like a little kid would; allowing herself to tackle anyone she might enjoy some play with, though usually this sort of thing is saved for her brother. No matter how grumpy he may be at the time, she gives no actual fucks about it.


If she has something to say, she'll certainly say it. It can be your mom, your grandma, your pack leader, or the damn gods themselves; her sass-mastery knows no actual bounds. Gets her into more trouble than it's actually worth, probably needs a hand over her mouth a times. Any argument with her is just going to be sass central.


Ate-Feh was born in a small litter after her older brother, though she'd been the only pup born in that litter; which was certainly why it could have been considered small. The young woman grew up practically idolizing her older brother, wanted to do this, that, and everything else with the older Or'rix; even if he himself didn't quite enjoy having his little sister tagging along with him.

Ate had followed her brother after his failure to take down the pack leader, it pained her more than anything to have her brother leave and on his own as well. She even joined him with the The Silver Fang, a group she didn't have good feelings of but went along with him to say at his side.

RE: Ate-Feh - Kila - 01-31-2018

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